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Curry leaves for Hair Growth! Simple steps!


Every women will have a dream of long hair and now a days to pollution and combination of chemicl based shampoo's making lof of problems in the hair growth. Here is one of the simple home made remedy which helps you in hair growth.

To make your hair stronger, thicker and healthy follow this simple process. 

  1. Major portion of Curry leaves, Neen Leaves & Yogurt.
  2. Add curry leaves, neem leavsy and bit yougurt into mixer and grind it well like a paste. The thickness of the paste should not be too hard or too loose it should be medium way so that you can apply it and stick it to your hair.
  3. Apply this paste to your scalp and gently massage it. Before you apply this paste to your hair ensure that you apply coconut oil before night!
  4. Leave your hair untouched for about 20 to 25 minutes to dru up. Once it is dried wash the paste with the help of mild shampoo!

Read How Mukesh Ambani’s Son Anant Ambani lost 108 Kgs weight loss!


Weight loss is not an easy task and that to lossing 108 kiloas is a tremendous achievement and one should work agressively on that particular challenge with proper coach.

Anand was just 21 years old and was over weight . Understand that  anant was was suffering from a medically-induced obesity, caused due to strong medication he was prescribed due to his chronic asthma.

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How much weight did he lose?

Losing too much weight too quickly will effect the body very badly in all the corners! Anant has lost 108 kilos in 18 months, which at 6 kilos per month is a healthy amount of weight to lose.

How did he do it?

He did not go for any surgery to reduce for his weight loss. It is all his dedication & effort which made him to reduce his weight! Anant did it the natural way by following strict diet & exercising rigorously. Anant used to exercise 5-6 hours a day , 21-km walk, yoga, weight training, functional training and high-intensity cardio exercises. Each of the aforementioned exercise forms helps the body in different ways.

He also followed a zero-sugar, low-carb diet along with adequate fat and protein.

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Mummy’s happy She was quoted saying that his determination and power was an inspiration to all, including herself.

పెరుగును ఈ 10 పదార్థాలతో కలిపి తినండి. అద్భుత ప్రయోజనాలు పొందండి.

పెరుగును ఈ 10 పదార్థాలతో కలిపి తినండి. అద్భుత ప్రయోజనాలు పొందండి. బరువు తగ్గడం నుండి వృద్దాప్య ఛాయలు దూరం చేసుకునే వరకు….ఇంకా ఎన్నో మరెన్నో..!  Try the below 10 things while you are having curd! Amazing results including weight reduction and many more.. Have a glance.


Will publish the same in english version shortly…watch this space for more updates….  


కోడి గుడ్లను ఫ్రిడ్జ్ లో పెట్టే వారికి ఓ హెచ్చరిక.


People who ever are storing eggs in fridge must read this!  ( Telugu & English version) 

Are you keeping the eggs in fridge then pleae do read this.. How this will effect you. .. When you are running shot of time in your routine life the first idea that strike to the people is Egg curry and for bachelors too. If you are having your food with dal you definately want a side dish as Amblet and for healthy life it is recommended by doctor to have a egg daily.   But please do aware why you should not store the eggs in fridge…. 

(Q) Should eggs be stored the fridge? Although fridges come with an egg tray, I read somewhere that putting eggs into the fridge actually makes them degenerate quicker – something to do with the cold and pressure change encouraging air into the shell. Can anyone enlighten me?

(A) Microbiology lecturer at university was quite anti egg refrigeration. He claimed that if the egg was cracked into a frying pan straight from the fridge and cooked until it looked OK, the yolk would only be blood warm and since the yolks at that time were sometimes contaminated by salmonella, this could be harmful.

(B)  A recent TV program gave a chef's reason for NOT keeping them in a fridge was because egg shells are porous, and the eggs would absorb food smells from the fridge contents



In telugu version


Happy Doctor’s Day!!- Best one- PRANAM HOSPITAL

In Hyderabad their are lot of Hospital's for pediatrician & gynecologist.But these two doctors are really amazing Dr.Manish gour & Dr.Praggya srivastava. Based on the reviews from many people got updates that  " Pranam Hospital"  is one the best hosiptial in hyderabad for Children & for Gynecologist. A note from one of the client from Pranam hospital " though I am roaming in India changing places…my doctors never change" . They do guide the patients over phone… 

We wish Happy Doctor's day to Dr.Manish gour & Dr.Praggya srivastava. This hospital is located in Madinaguda, hyderabad phone – 91-40-23043777

One of the article in Times of india

Best Gynaecology Hospital in Hyderabad