Top Beautiful one gram gold designs-Peacock designs

One gram gold Jewellery designs.

Here are beautiful necklace designs which are heavily designed with pink stones, green stones & white stone flower work and a broach of  peacock model at one side. by MS pink panther. Below slide show complete shows the full complete bridal set of Peacock long chains, Peacock ear rings, Peacock voddanam, Peacock necklace set, Peack aravanki, peacock shape kankanalu, Peacock jada billa, peacock pendent set… Beautiful designs…

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Necklace Sets :- Beautiful neck sets. The moment you recollect necklace sets you will make a imagination of White stone with a combination of pink stones. Here are couple of beautiful necklace sets with beautiful designs. Jewel sets contains Combination of kasulaperu with muvvalu , Peacock designs with a beautiful colour combination of white, blue and green, Floweral white stone necklace, Small leave white stone necklace, Combination of pink and white stones jada, Complete neck covered necklaces withe a peacock design which is a combination of white stones, pink stones and green stones , Heavey floweral white and pink stone combination necklace and so on.

They are really outstanding and tempting.


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Bangle designs.

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Voddanam designs,

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