Top Pre Wedding Photographer in South India 2016

Top pre wedding photographers in south india

Pre wedding :-  Pre wedding memories are one of the beautiful memories in our life. Every photographer has a unique way of seeing through his camera.A photographer creative style  and vision can be seen on their pre-wedding photoshoot gallery.Look at a few highlight galleries of the best south indian pre-wedding photoshoot from each photographer to get a sense of their quality and style. But realize that these are their best clips from multiple pre-wedding photographer , so once you like someone, ask to see a full pre-wedding shot list.Next step is to check if chosen photographer is your price range and are free on your date you decide.

Following are the Top Pre wedding photographers in South india. Should really appreciate the thoughts of the photographers. 

Stories by Joseph Radhik   Joseph Radhik is an IIM grad, an engineer, energetic, goofy, a brother, and a son. he find beauty and awe in simple, stupid things, and he love making simple, stupid things look beautiful and awesome. People in love, places that tell stories, moments that bring joy are some of these simple, stupid things.
A note from him “We are Stories. We are a collective of individuals who live and breathe visual art and storytelling. We specialize in capturing South Asian weddings in the most aesthetic way possible and we travel the world doing this – on last count, we've been to FIVE continents. We love light, we love capturing it, creating it, and looking for meaning in its absence. We are bound together by our passion to create stories and are always looking forward to the next one.”

Here are couple of collection of pre wedding photography across locations their clicks are really awesome and outstanding . He is one of the best pre wedding photographer in south india. Have a glace of pre wedding images.

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Harishankar Photography :- I hope i need not give much introduction about Harishankar photography. In Hyderabad for a wedding photography these people are known as besties for wedding photography. Hari & shankar are the director for Harishankar photography ..A beautiful note from Harishankar*** Cherishing 12 years of friendship and after pursuing a career in engineering, We, Harish and Shankar have decided to pursue our passion for photography. We take great pleasure in helping you immortalize your most cherished memories in the most stunning and innovative ways. Shankar has been working as an associate director in Tollywood and Harish has left his job of 3 years at Amazon, to dedicate all his time for photography. Harish is a traveller, explorer, trekker, and a nature aficionado. Our love for nature and our passion for photography is what drives us.From the time we have partnered together a year ago, we have grown and have expanded our services for all occasions, and have custom designed plans to best fit your budget.They would be honored to be a part of celebrating your life and creating keepsakes that last for a lifetime.

They are well known as best south india Pre wedding & wedding photographer.They are located in Jublihills hyderabad. Contact number 097031 23465.Have a glace of their pre wedding images. 

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 Aa Photography ;- Studio A director is Ashokarsh. Photography is all about Feel & colors . I guess COLORS maybe due to my fashion designer background. I strongly believe there is beauty in everything irrespective of the environment. My photography strives to bring this beauty out as much as i can . I'm still exploring different genres of photography and don't want to limit myself to any specific type yet. “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

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Studio A :-..Director for Studio A photography is Amar ramesh.  **Beautiful note from him***… Photographer by passion.Photography, to me is more than a passion. Its a tool that helps me reinvent myself.again and again. It teaches me patience and tells me that it is OK if the things go wrong and if you hang around a little while, things fall back into place and in fact in a better way. Photography to me is a medium to express what I feel about a subject, be it a living being or a landscape or just random things around me. What I have observed is that photography is a field with infinite opportunities to learn. This passion has led me explore the world around me through the lens. Weddings, Commercial, Product, Kids photography, landscapes, Cultural expeditions and creative works is where my interests are and I’m open to travel for the photography assignments. So if you have any, get in touch through the contact page. My ultimate goal is to take good pictures which can inspire others. He is one of the best pre wedding photographer in sounth india.Here are couple of collections of pre wedding images across location. Amar ramesh  is one of the best pre wedding photographer in south india. Have a glace of their pre wedding images.

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Ranganath photography:-  Director of Ranganath photography is Ranganath. He started his career as fashion photographer and moved to wedding photography where he love to seize the moment in his small camera for a life time memory. One of the famous photogrphy in hyderabad. They are located in Banjarahills. Their contact number is  98481 88406. Their clicks are really awesome and ranganath photograph is one of the famous wedding photographer in banjarahills hyderabad. He is one of the best pre wedding photographer in sounth india. Here are couple of their pre wedding images. 

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Vijay Eesam :-  A beauitiful note from Vijay Eesam.*** I am an artist and it's my humble goal to let alone my images speak!Cause words just cannot do justice to express of what I witness and experience in my heart.If you are keen on commissioning me to witness & immortalize your fairytale, I would be honoured.But I know you would also be keen to know who I am and what I believe, right?Graduated from India's top school. Highly accredited career in overseas. Photographer of the year.I am none of them! It's been enchanting, enlightening eight years. The stories I have heard, wrote, experienced and the one I am living in. All, only made me discover my self more and how unique, beautiful each one of us are & our story is!I am proud of my experiences and the way it makes me see and feel things!If you are reading this you should know that you are very special. Cause there is no one in this entire universe who can feel just same the way you do!. 

They are located in Bangalore and can reach them @ 961 1 101 234.He is well known as best south indian pre wedding photographer .Have a glance of their pre wedding images.

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Photriya Photography Photography has been a keen interest for Photriya Venky since his childhood and finally decided to make this his own profession. Studying at the JNTU college of Fine Arts he was rated as one of the top students of the university. He graduated in the year 2003. Venky has over 12 years of professional experience in Digital Photography and shoots across the globe depending on the assignment.Can reach them them @ phone number  984-980-0079. .He is one of the best pre wedding photographer in south india.

Here are couple of pre wedding images of photriya photography.

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Villart Photography :- Villart Photography Specializing in photography for Portraits, Portfolios, Fashions, Industrial, Wedding and etc. Matrimony Directory – Services.They are well know as besties in Hyderabad for wedding photography. They are one of the best pre wedding photographer in south india. 

Here are couple of pre wedding images of Villart.

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Infact their are lot many best south indian photographers but have choosen the best of the best. 


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