Top kasulaperu necklace designs in Gold

Heavy kasulaperu designs from famous jewellery shops in hyderabad and other locations. Many trending brides they have opted kasulaperu long chain as a part of wedding trousseau. 

Mind blowing designs of kasulaperu which will make you awestruck. Upcoming brides if you are looking for some unqiue design go through the below designs which will give you an idea how to rock on your big day.

GRT Jewellers :-  GRT has many branches across locations. The last, yet not the least name in the list of best jewelry stores in Hyderabad calls for the famous G. R. Thanga Maligai, which is popularly summoned as the GRT Jewellers by the Hyderabadis. GRT boasts itself to be the country’s foremost jewellery house that brings a striking assemblage of ornaments in gold, silver and platinum for its buyers. It also claims to have some of the finest artisans in the country to craft their jewelry and work on the cuts and shapes of precious stones. The collection of GRT encompasses light-weight pieces for students and office goers on one hand, while on the other they also possess some of the very heavy wedding collections that one could never look away from. Here are couple of  kasulaperu necklace designs from GRT Jewellers.

Kalyan Jewellers :-  Kalyan Jewellers Hyderabad are not obliged by any mention. They are a brand in themselves and are a celebrated chain of jewelry store throughout the southern part of the country. They are now being recognized and applauded for their marvelous collection of jewelry in other metro cities of India as well. Kalyan Jewellers have grossed themselves a huge consumership in Hyderabad, owing to their extravagant designs that display conventional motifs. Kalyan Jewellers brings high end as well as daily wear ornaments in a widespread price range. They excel in high quality gold products and also sell precious stone studded jewellery for occasional and regular use.

Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers :-  For some of the best gold jewelry pieces, you must visit Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers.
They are meant for the purity of gold. It is a splendid jewelry store and exhibits a spectacular variety of pendant sets, kadas, rings, earring, necklace sets and more. They thrive on the belief that elegance is for everyone and hence they have put forward such pieces which suits one and all. They have been in the Hyderabad jewellery market for over three decades now and enjoy a loyal customership with unquestionable goodwill. They design the gold kasulaperu designs according the budget of the customer. Their designs are quite outstanding. They are located @ Secunderabad Pot bazar. Below are the list of kasulaperu designs ranging from 50 gms to 130 gms paired with antique , stone kasulaperu desings, complete gold with ball kasulaperu design, combination of green and pink stone kasulaperu necklace designs.For the above designs please contact. For inquiries contact on Whatsapp: +91 97 00 009000.or Email:

Manepally Jewellers  :-  They have employed some of the best craftsmen to come up with extraordinary designs with peerless finishing of detailing. They have earned a high name for their customer service and are always ready to go that extra mile to serve their customers with the best designs and cuts that suit individual personalities. Taruni has a special eye for jewelry in both gold and silver and they are one of the few jewelers that have an extended range of pieces for both men and women. They have a wide display of designs in gents’ chains and rings as well, which is what makes the Taruni stand out from the hoard of other gold shops in Hyderabad. Kasulaperu designs from manepally jewellers. They are located in general bazar beside bommana brothers secunderabad.Phone number 040 6648 3209.

Naj Jewellers :-   Kasulaperu designs from manepally jewellers. They are located957, Jewel Junction, Achari Street. Nellore .

Sri Mahalakshmi Jewellery :- Sri Mahalakshmi Jewellery is yet another chain of jewellery shops in Hyderabad, and enjoys an undisputed reputation when one calls for minute and complex designs in gold and diamond jewellery. Their expertise lies in their broad variety of precious and sporadic jewellery. Shree also specializes in diamond, kundan, solitaire and other gold collections.  Tell your budget they will make the ornament in such a way that every one will awestruck.  Apart from diamond, they also deal in other precious stones like pearl, ruby, and emerald.  Beautiful Kasulaperu designs from Sri mahalakshmi jewellery .


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