Gold Kasulaperu designs which is trending now


Kasulaperu designs which is trending now. 

Gold designary  Kasulaperu with pearls hangings.The small round kasulu or achulu were studded all across the chain.Small and fine gold dd balls bunches were placed all across with white precious pearls paired  as bunches in this kasulaperu. Flower pendant  attracted the kasulaperu chain .Rubies were attached in round a modeled pattern and a floral design is placed at the cente r.To the pendant also small gold bunces or pusalu were hanged.Now a days the craze for these type of traditional jewellery  has been increasing day by day.

Contact Details:This Gold design kasulaperu with pearls was available at C.Krishniah Chetty jewellers. designs 


lashmi kasula peru short necklace and long kasulaperu haram studded with uncut diamonds and rubies, teamed up with matching uncut kasu earrings from Mor jewellers. For price inquiries contact:


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