50 Gorgeous Mirror work blouses -Different patterns

Mirror work blouse designs have become fashion now. When a mirror work blouse is combined with a plain saree it will give stunning attire.  A mirror work blouse can make any saree and just about any attire look gorgeous.


(1) Cut out mirror work blouses :-  Trend reports says that cut work blouses have become so fashion now a days but now when the cut work blouse is teamed with mirror work the attire looks quite beautiful.

cut out blouses -3

cut out blouses

2  All Over Mirror Work Blouse   :-  All over mirror work blouse will suits especially on any plain sarees. What ever is the colour of the saree but when it is paired with this type of blouse it will be quite outstanding.


3.Collar Neck Mirror Work Blouse :-  Collar neck mirror work blouses will be suitable especially to chiffon or 60 grams saree. Cover the complete collar neck with beautiful mirror work teamed with beads & stones it gives a beautiful attire to your neck as well to your attire.


4. High Neck Mirror Work Blouse :-  High neck blouses .. YES trend reports says that go for a high neck mirror work blouses especially when you are going with loads of mirrors and around bead & stone work all over the neck.It gives a beautiful look when it is paired with lite weight plain sarees.


5. Sheer Net Mirror Work Blouse :-  Sheer net mirror blouses are good for party wear and it is better to choose these blouses  on plain or on floral sarees. It is bound to make the saree look amazing!

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 Boat Neck Mirror Work Blouse :- The boat neck pattern which is running fashion in the current trend report. Pair your boat neck mirror work blouses with beautiful lite weight sarees and chiffon sarees.

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7 Multi Color Mirror Work Blouse Designs :-  Multi colour blouse will suit to any of the colour saree as it is combination of all colours.

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