Varalakshmi Vratham Ala Cheyali- Pooja Vidanam

Varalakshmi Vratham Ala Cheyali- pooja Vidanam :-  Excellent video.. This Video will help you how to perform Varalakshmi vratham.

VaraLakshmi Vratham is performed on The 2nd firday of Sravana maasa or the firday before full moon day (Pournami).It is believed that worship of Goddess Lakshmi on this day will bring health, wealth and prosperity. Vara means boon. Needless to say, performing puja (in the form of a Vratam) to Goddess Varalakshmi will bring in boons to those who performs with utmost devotion. Those who fail to perform the Vratam  can do it so on any other Friday of the Sravanamasam.

Things you need

Sri Varalakshmi Devathaia Namaha.

The following are the materials required to perform the pooja:

1. Turmeric 2. Kumkum3. Fruits (Banana) 4. Flowers   5. Beetle leaves  6. Doop sticks or Incense sticks  7. Camphor  8. Sandal power 9. Akshanthalu

10. Coconut 11. Kalasam 12. Kalasavasthram(any new cotton cloth preferably red/green) 13. Statue or face/photo of Goddess Lakshmi 14. Panchamritham ( Cow milk, cow curd, cow ghee, honey, sugar) 15. Deepam (Gingely oil or ghee) 16. New Cloth 17. New saree and blouse piece 18. Mangalyam ( tie a turmeric piece or a coin of lakshmi in a yellow thread)  19. Jewellary ( If there is any new ornament bought, put it to Lakshmi devi and wear it) 20. Naivedyam 12 varieties with ghee ( can do this as per your capability and wish)  21. kankanam 3 ( 9 knots and for every knot, tie a flower 1 for Lakshmi devi, one for ourselves and one to offer to a married women ) 22. Lord Ganesha (Vinakayudu) made with a turmeric powder paste. 23.   Also have water in a tumbler with spoon in it.

This video will help you how to perform the pooja

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