Parle G model Girl Celebrated her 60th Birthday!


For years, all of us have been thoroughly enjoying the Parle-G biscuits. It’s been there since long time and still continues to be a popular brand of biscuit all over India.

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The baby who is the on that brand cover is  Neeru Deshpandey. Neeru deshpandey has celebrated her 60th birthday very recently! She was 4 years 3 months old when the picture was taken.   This photo was taken by her father who was never a photographer. When he come to know from the social meida and news paper that parle is looking for a child model his father sent his daughter photograph from his family album . He just made a try but he was not knowing that it is going to create a history.

The style of the photograph is having a natural and unique style that appearls to every family irrespecitve of the rich and poor.


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