Amazing Tip for bad Cough! Home remedy

I was continuously coughing for quite so many days and had lot of medicines , antibiotics and cough syrup as well  but none of them was quite effective and i work 12 hours perday and will be in A/c for whole day and my cough was not controlling at all from past so many days.  Today while i was travelling in the bus one old man who was allmost  60 years  + travelling along with me and he  suggested me the below tip and my cough was reduced to 70%.I think most of us are suffering from cough these days and follow the below procedure for immediate cough relief.

Just take 3 to 5 peaces of gralic and dip it in honey and have it . This one amazing home remedy worked like any thing . Seriously it worked lot!!! Thanks to that old men!

Watch this video for more information!

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