Trending Ear Covered Ear rings!

In every women jewellery box a minimum of 3 to 5 pair of ear rings would be their! These day’s we have got “N” number of ear rings designs available in the market! Not only in gold even in one gram gold the jeweler makers making the designs as the requirement of the customer.


Their are lot of varieties in ear rings like jumkhas, chandbalis, ear cufs, antique finish ear rings, Moti decorated ear rings, quelling ear rings, silk thread ear rings and so on! Trend reports says that the ear covered ear rings are in more demand. Let’s have glimpse of beautiful Ear covered ear rings!




If your are wearing a big ear rings you don’t require any necklace or a choker or a chain . Your ear rings make your attire more beautiful! Look at the celebrities who wore a heavy ear rings with nil chains on the neck!


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