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Blouse plays a key role to the saree and to have a sexy look you need to have a proper fitting & neck to give a lovely look to your saree. What ever is the type of the saree it is the neck pattern which gives a beautiful look to the saree . Here are following blouse necks which are trending now.

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U Shape neck :- Since olden  days these U shape neck pattern is fashion if you look at from the old age people to the current trending fashion to the maximum number of ladies prefer U Shape neck. A perfect deep “U” shape neck with proper fitting will make your saree attire more lovely and elegant.


Crop top Pattern neck :- Crop top patterns are not only fashion on jeans, long skirts they are equally competing with the saree blouses. If you are going with the plain saree or mirror work saree these crop top pattern blouses will go good on your saree.

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Chinese collar necks :- Chinese collar neck patterns will go very well on the plain sarees . Have a glance of the below pattern blouses.


High neck :- This pattern blouses are always in a rocking trending. This is trending from past 90’s . If you are going with these type of neck patterns better go with floral print  blouses or kalamkari pattern blouses.


Boat Neck:- In every women wardrobe definitely atleast one blouse will be of this pattern neck and  these type of blouses will suit any one irrespective of the age. Team this pattern blouses with beautiful saree.




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