10 Beautiful Gold polished silver Guttapusallu haram from House-of-silver-jewels

Gold polished silver Guttapusallu haram. Trend on guttapusala haram is increasing day by day and if you are looking for different models and designs this article is for you. In Gold it will take minimum of 100 to 150 grams to get this type of haram.  Below are gold polished silver guttapusala haram from House of silver jewels.

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Heavy guttapusla haram :- This haram is quite famous it has full of guttapuslu to the over all length of the necklace. Just team up this neckalace with  beautiful pattu saree or kanjeevaram saree saree. This one necklace will give a beautiful look to your complete saree.




Team up guttapusla haram with same pattern guttapuslu ear rings to look your traditional attire more outstanding. Look at the beautiful heavy guttapusallu haram which is studded with emearlds, rubies and guttapusllu with same matching pattern ear rings. This one necklace set is enough for your pattu and kanjeevaram saree.


Look at the beautiful guttapuslu haram which is teamed up with chandballi pattern guttapusla ear rings. Outstanding design.


Guttapusla necklace designs :- Look at the beautiful guttapusallu neck lace design which is studded with rubies,emeralds and pearls. which is beautifully spread ed the necklace with flower pattern with matching ear rings.





For details of above guttapusla haram. Please reach out their facebook page.


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