Cut work embroidery blouse designs

When you think of embroidered blouse go for little different and ethnic look and if you have already tried the other aari work or maggam work design like floral, animal motif designs, bird design and looking for a different look with a classic touch then you should definitely go with cut work blouse.

Cut work blouses are little tedious process and huge time is involved when compare to the other maggam work blouses. Cut work involves in cutting the fabric in to different shapes as per the design of the blouse and at the edges it is well stitched at the corner cut of the designs with thread or beads to get a perfect look to the blouse. Look at the below beautiful and unique cut work embroidery work blouse.

WOW what a beautiful blouse. if we closely observe the cut work design in between the broad border and on the flowers only, and the rest all blouse is designed with good colour combination zardosi work and beads work . Below beautiful blouse is a classic example that with a simple cut on the blouse in flowers or on neck border is enough to get a ethnic look.

Wow what a beautiful cut work work high neck blouse with tri colour combination. At the high neck of the blouse is completely with golden beads and zardosi work and a leavy cut work blouse has highlighted the over all blouse . Towards the sleeve border  with lemon yellow cloth with cut work design at the border and at the body with orange colour with a cut work design. One who are going for a cut work blouse should also remember to choose the perfect colour combination which matches to your saree to get an ethnic look.

WOW What a classic blouse. If you look at the blouse the cut work design is one side of the blouse with beautiful green and gold beads work in between with a cut work design covered with beads. This is one of the perfect blouse and  if we observe the design is being done at one side of the blouse and at the other side it is nill as the blouse is covered with saree pallu.

If you look at the below blouse design we bet that you will definitely tempt for cut work blouse design. Look at the intricate design of the blouse. Below designs are little costly when compare to the other embroidery work blouse as it is really a time consuming process. Look at the cut work blouse , the design of the beads work is beautifully cutted in to different shapes according the design and work. Lovely lotus model work with beautiful zardosi and golden beads. An outstanding blouse design.

Team up this floral design cut work maggam work blouse design on any kanjeevaram saree or heavy border saree . If you are going for the below cut work blouse design it is better to go with a short sleeve blouse instead elbow length blouse.

This is one of the perfect bridal work blouse. When you are looking for classic look try the below embroidery work blouse with contrast colour combination of flowers and other creeper design on over all blouse. This over all cut work blouse design will definitely go on any kanjeevaram or any silk saree.

Below bride is definitely a modern bride. Look at the lovely gold kanjeevaram saree teamed with Red cut work blouse. A beautiful cut work blouse design on the over all blouse with short sleeve blouse. A perfect combination for kanjeevaram saree.

Simple yet classic. Look at the simple cut work blouse on the neck border and towards hands with a combination of zardosi work and cut work . If you are looking for a simple cut work blouse then you can go with the below design.

A simple cut work on the blouse will definitely give a beautiful look and try the below idea of just having a cut work design on your sleeves and a embroidery work on the neck and around the cutwork of the sleeves. Lovely design and a perfect colour combination.

If you are looking for a heavy bridal blouse then go with the below over all cut work model zardosi and stone work blouse. When you are going for cut work blouse ensure the colour combination should perfectly matches with yours kanjeevaram or any pattu saree. This blouse pattern will surely give you a ethnic look.

If you are looking for a cut work pattern blouse on your kanjeevaram saree with pink blouse then the below design from Soucika boutique is the perfect design. If we observe in most of the cut work blouses a lotus design on the blouse is coming very well . So plan your pink blouse with lotus design cut work  model team up with beautiful tassels.

If you are looking for high neck cut work blouse then below design will be a perfect design. Look at the beautiful peacock pattern embrodiery cut work pattern on the sheet net with beautiful brown zardosi work teamed with pink embroidery flower thread work. This blouse go good on any black and golden plain saree.

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