Gorgeous Nethi chutti ( Maang tikka) designs

Your bridal look will not be complete with nethi Chutti ( Maang Tikka in north & papadi billa in south) . It is one of the beautiful ornament worn on the forehead and our trending brides always want a matching nethi chutti with their bridal saree . As per the trend report understand that these days temple jewellery, kundan, pendant are in high demand but apart said designs their are even many more varieties available in the market and couple of websites are making the bride accessories very easily by providing a online shopping. Let’s see what all varieties of Nethi chutti are trending .

(1)  Contemporary Kemp Nethi Chutti  :- Brides are you worried what design you need to choose on your big day then blindly go with Kemp, nethi chutti with a combination of green stones and pearl combination. Actress Sneha on her big day she has opted the kemp nethi chutti for her wedding and she looked like diva on her big day. And in the present market you can get it in one gram gold and silver jewellery as well and the designs are really outstanding. Here are couple of nethi chutti’s that gives you an idea.

(2) Rubies nethi chutti :- Rubies nethi chutti ( Maang tikka/ Papadi billa) is all time favorite and one the running trend in south Inida and we bet nothing can beat this design . This is one of the Top nethi chutti design about any other designs. A kempu nethi chutti with a combination of pearl is one of the ultimate combination that will ensure to complete the bridal look.

(2) Stone nethi Chutti :-  Have a glance of below nethi chutti . A beautiful CZ mango design nethi chutti adorned with rubies stones. Its a dream of every bride to look like princess on their big day. This are perfect for night wedding and these designs will dazzle during the night time.

(3) Gold nethi chutties :-  Look at the lovely bride she is in beautiful and heavy gold nethi chtti adorned with rubies and gold droplets. A heavy pendent with gold drops with side chains with beautiful gold balls drops on the over all chain made the chain outstanding. If you are the gold lover you can go with the below option and we are sure that your bridal get up will not complete with nethi chutti.

(4) Big pendant with combination of Pearls :-  These are trending a lot .  A big pendant nethi chutti adorned with pearls is one of the outstanding option for the brides.  

(5) Multi layered Nethi Chutti designs :-  Multi layered nethi chutti will give a good look to the bridal attire and this is one of the trend now . These looks quite stunning and beautiful. Nethi chutti which are made with white stones, gold balls and pearls are the present trend.

Lovely bride Gali brahmani reddy on her big day she has choose the multi layered diamond nethi chutti.

(6)  Pendant Nethi Chutti  :- Pendant nethi chutti are perfect for wedding reception and also good for engagement events as well. These pattern nethi chutti designs give a final touch to your heavy lehengas which are perfect for receptions.  You can make your single nethi chutti into a pendant one by hiding the string under your hair.

Apart from the above designs, kundan, single nethi chuti  Mughal Nethi Chutti,single layered nathi chutti are also currently in high trending. Here are the designs which gives you an idea how to rock on your big day.

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