Aww Just like that! Anchor Rashmi Marries Sudheer ( Watch video)

Well all the telugu south indian team hearing the rumors that Anchor Rashmi and Sudigali sudheer are in deep love and going to get marry soon and we keep seeing in the film industry that if two opposite appear close people cook the stories and couple of them are real and couple of them are fake. But we keep hearing about them since long time.

Below video is going viral in internet. Dont miss to watch the below video till the end!!! Loved the wedding!!

Please dont be angry one me….The video featured the grand wedding celebrations of Rashmi and Sudheer and it’s just a fake wedding which they are doing for a TV show. The video is the promo of ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’ program  and is going to start on Ugadi.


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