5 Modern Saree blouse designs that Rule in 2018!

Looking for new designs and want to look stylish? Then you should go through the below blouse designs that will get a kick to your blouse. Its a trend of trendy women who looks for a statement blouses and want to look stylish. In this fashion era every women want to go with modern blouses with stylish twist with comfortable outfit.  Here are some Royal Modern saree blouse designs that are going to rule in 2018 have a glance of them and the below blouse are recommended only for Designer sarees or chiffon sarees  and  not recommended on Kanjeevaram sarees or pattu sarees.

 1.  Frill Collar Blouse  :- 

Celebrities are the perfect example how to flaunt with Frill collar blouse. These blouse patterns are perfect and make your attire a unique look. You can make a frill collar blouse by making a sheer net at the high neck of the blouse with frill pattern. These blouses are perfect for party wear. Below blouses gives an idea how it looks.

2.Flared Sleeves 

These flared sleeve blouses are present trend and these blouses looks modern and stylish. If you want to spot on then you must try these flared sleeve blouse. And these flared sleeves blouse will only suits on the designer sarees and chiffon saree and not recommended for kanjeevaram sarees.

3. Cape Collars :- 

Cape Collars are in. These blouse designs look modern and stylish. These cape collar are perfect for designer sarees. Some times for the see through sarees we may not feel comfort to go with single pallu these cape collars will give a comfort of wearing a single pallu and these  cape collar blouses are perfect for party and official wear.

4. Peter Pan Collar Blouses :- 

Peter pan collar blouses are currently going in a high trend and the best part of this pattern blouses will also suit on pattu sarees as well. These pattern blouses will suit irrespective of your body shape and size. If you don’t have this in wardrobe try this for the next blouse.

5. Cape Saree Blouses

Cape blouses always look pretty on sarees and these blouses goes good on any kind of saree and this blouses do justice to any kind of body and these blouse patterns are going to rule in 2018. If you don’t have this try this for your next saree.

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