Best Outfits to wear for Sangeet Night!

All Indian ceremonies have a pre decided set of colors or outfits, for example, if it’s a Griha Puja, you are bound to wear traditional outfits with particular set of colors. When it comes to wedding  the first thing  that strikes are outfits. Wedding celebrations are started with  haldi, mehendi and sangeet ceremonies . Sangeet ceremony is one of the pre wedding event where every one will enjoy this event with no restrictions. Specially the gala function is the most awaited thing where every one will enjoy. Sangeet is a function where there are no restrictions of colors, style and trend. Choosing the outfit is well within our choice.  When it come to the outfits one should choose a comfort outfit with modern twist.

A sangeet is a start of all joys of wedding, coupled with some great music choreography, and close family function. Thus, no other ceremony matches the sangeet night. If the night is so special, the outfit for this should also be special. So go glam for that evening and let nothing come in your way. Choose an outfit that will dance with you and twirl with your moves.

Below are some of the outfits to choose from to make you style like diva.

Lehengas are one of the most traditional outfits for Indian occasions. But, on a sangeet day, these lehengas can be made little trendy by giving them flares or changing the tops on them with a different color duppatta. All these together change the look of the bride and make her look more trendy than traditional.

As we all are aware that dhoti pants are very much in fashion in these years, so if you are planning to appear smart, you can surely choose dhoti pants with a long jacket or cape on it, to make you look bold and beautiful.

An Anarkali gowns are undoubtedly the perfect choice for an Indian wedding. It is very easy to handle. Most of the brides choose Anarkali gowns on their sangeet because they can easily dance on the floor and of course it gives grace to her image.

Brides, friend’s youngsters and even middle-aged women can try kurta lehenga confidently on a sangeet evening. These kurtas can be worn with or without duppatta they are a combination of traditional with a touch of trend.

These peplum kurta are very comfortable and are easily manageable. The playful vibe of the outfit suits the occasion. You can pair these kurta with different bottom wear according to personal choice.

If you are invited to your friend’s sangeet, then a skirt with a nice crop top is the perfect selection to wear on the evening. The bride can also dress up in a lehenga and a crop top.

Sari is an outfit, which can be played with different styles to make the bride look tall and slim. Those who do not want to be drape a saree in a traditional way neither wants to be clad in 6 yards; a saree drape is an option for them.

For those who want to look smart, saree gowns are the complete hassle free outfit for them. A saree gown is truly westernized version of saree; it is basically a silhouette in the form of a gown. Hence it gives modern vibes with a traditional touch. Therefor making it suitable for sangeet night.

If you add little bit of Indian touch to your western wear, like long kurta with palazzos, long jacket with a top and teaming it up with accessories, it gives a perfect look for an invite as well as the bride herself on the sangeet evening. 

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