Four Reason’s Why anarkali will never go out of Fashion!

Anarkali is a form of women’s dress originating from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. They were initial form of salwar suits, which according to the trend and fashion is now converted into gowns. The Anarkali attire varies in many lengths and embroideries the most common one of which is the floor length dress, which is, now called Anarkali gowns.

The word Anarkali has two meanings one we are all aware of is a courtesan in the court of Akbar, and the other meaning is ‘a delicate bud of a pomegranate flower’. This name signifies the qualities of softness, vulnerability, innocence, and of course the beauty. All these qualities are present in these Anarkali gowns. It is because of these qualities such gowns will never go out of trend for years.

The Anarkali gowns will do wonders to your look, be it any age, complexion or figure. It suits all the body types. This versatile outfit is an ideal choice to flaunt at the weddings, festivals or any other occasion, as there can be a heavy or a casual version of the same. There are certain dresses, which are evergreen and never go out of fashion; Anarkali dresses are one of such attire. Below mentioned are some reasons why these gowns will never go out of trend in the upcoming years.

The Anarkali gowns are very stylish and comfortable to wear. It consists of a one-piece long dress and is hassle free and trendy. You can easily skip the duppatta and flaunt it at different occasions.

These gowns can be worn in all the occasions be it a wedding, a sangeet night, or a friend’s cocktail party. They can be played within different colors and fabrics and can be stitched according to the occasion. Teaming it up with an off shoulder or a cold shoulder can set distinctive attire for an evening party. A sleeveless Anarkali goes well for a college or a professional meeting. One can also wear a heavy Anarkali dress for her own wedding functions.

These Anarkali gowns can be styled with endless different ways from sequence work, bold embroidery, long jackets and of course they look even more attractive if teamed up with matching accessories and lovely heels.

Tall or short, slim or weighty, this is the only dress, which suits all body types. It makes you appear thinner and smarter. The Anarkali gowns are very flattering and usually do not go wrong in any party.