Pastel sarees are the Major hit for the Evening Parties!

The Indian saree- a large canvas to explore and exploit, offers the maximum scope for delightful experiments in color. A multitude of colors in different parts of the wide field or a million other combinations can be explored in a saree, the best option as per the current trend being pastel colors. Gone are the days when women use to stick to the bold colors to stand out in the party. Now, with a combination of pastel colors with bold accessories accompanied with a splendid sling can make you look exceptionally beautiful.

Pastel color sarees are one of the latest trends in the world of traditional yet contemporary fashion. Before discovering this color let us know little about the pastels. Pastels are soft colors that explore and express the feeling of the range of emotions known to a woman.


Pastel colored sarees, suits every woman in a true manner. These colors are soft and soothing. In sarees the base material could have pastels while the borders and adornments could provide the needed contrast to enhance the appeal. There are many shades to be chosen from lavender, blue, turquoise, orange, pink, green etc.

The Indian wedding scene is never complete without the pink and the red colored bridal sarees and attire. However, in recent times there has been a pleasant turnaround. Pastels are comparatively not extremely bright but have become a preferred choice for the brides to give them a glamorous look for the ultimate eve.

When we think of wearing a saree for an evening party the very first thing, which comes in our minds, is the bright color. We think we look bright in dark color and lighter and pastel shades are meant for the day, but trends are changing, pastel sarees when worn with right accessories and a good combination of blouse enhances your beauty even in dark.

Designer papa dont preach by shubhika  pastel  sarees are the classic examples how good you can rock with pastel sarees. Their designer pastel sarees are literally outstanding and mind blowing.


There are many fabrics, which would work for pastel color for the saree like chiffon’s net, organza, etc. a pastel net saree with a shimmery underskirt of a fancy fabric will give your appearance a slimmer look. As pastel shades are light you should team them with dark blouses or dark tops on pastel skirts.

So, get, set and go. Pour into the pastel world and put on some dark eye makeup to get the perfect party look.

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