Banarasi sarees: a superb blend of ethnicity, traditions and just divine beauty!

Out of Many fabrics , One of the royal fabric which trending since ageing is “Banarasi saree” . The royality  of this fabric is it looks rich and Traditional. These banarasi sarees are blended with the fabric of silk, gold and silver zari fabric and these sarees looks shinny and eye catching.

These banarasi sarees looks outstanding in the dark shades the beauty of gold and silver zari border makes a prominent role in the dark shades of Banarasi fabric. If you are bride to be then this should be part of your wedding trousseau .

It is true that I have written about innumerable sarees and various types of draping the same. But frankly speaking, my personal favorite is a Banarasi saree. It is an asset one should possess in her wardrobe. Fashion fades away with time but there are a few which are eternal. These Banarasi sarees are linked to the Indian traditions and can never go out of trend. Today I would share some simple tips and tricks to look like the celebrities as you wear these conventional six-yard sarees.

Pink Banarasi Saree :-  Pink is one of the eye catching colour and the mix of gold or silver is one of the most outstanding combination amoung all. Being a wedding attendee or a bride , this colour make justice on every one.  Team up right jewellery for the outstanding look. If you look at upasana kamineni , she is the perfect example how to rock on banarasi saree with a traditional jewellery.

The ultimate red Banarasi Saree worn my Miss. Deepika Padukone and Mrs. Kohli :-   When it comes to wedding we generally prefer to go with a Red saree and Red banarasi saree will surely going to do justice and the classic example is Anushka sharma. Elbow sleeves blouses accompanied with a rich Banarasi saree are exactly what one would redefine divine beauty. This goes exceptionally well for a bride as well as for those attending the wedding of a close one. This saree would be incomplete without the gold jewelry, which would enhance the look of the attire as a whole.

Talking about Mrs. Anushka Sharma Kohli, looked extremely elegant and royal as she combined her heavy red Banarasi saree with extremely heavy jewelry. The bond of togetherness can never be depicted better than by the red color, which is as pure as the red color of Sindoor/ kumkum, which was well paired up with the reception garment.


Green Banarasi carried with a new look to give a different look :- It is so true, how you pair up your saree with a blouse would change the very look of the same. Ranging from an elbow sleeve for the traditional simple look to bell sleeves close necked blouse everything goes well. It just the poise with which you carry the same gives the ultimate grace to the saree. Green is one of the eye catching colour just pair it up with contrast blouse like red or pink .

 Some tips to carry the traditional way in just the perfect way:

Right Accessory/ jewelry: Gold and Kundan go really well with these sarees. Team it up with heavy jewelry to give the saree a complete look .Guttapusala haram, Gold choker or a traditional diamond jewellery with emeralds or rubies do justice on this Banarasi silk saree.

Perfect makeup: It is true that a woman has eternal beauty, but making it all the more attractive with eye shadows and bronze makeup can make you stand out in a crowd of many.

Bindi: This saree would be incomplete unless you put a big plain bindi to it. When you are going with a traditional saree it is the bindi which completes the look of the traditional attire. Choose the matching bindee to get a perfect look.

Stilettoes/ Purse/ clutch: Depending on the place and occasions do accessorize your saree with perfect heels to look tall and a traditional potli bag to enhance the traditional look.

Go on and flaunt the conventional saree in a royal way!

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