Diamond necklace collections from Sneha reddy Jewellers!

In the recent week their was an exhibition held in hyderabad with a diamond necklace, ear rings and bangles and so on from Sneha Reddy Jewellers. Here are some classic bridal diamond jewellery collection from Sneha Reddy jewellers

18 carat three in one bridal diamond emerald chocker with with a heavy emerald stone adorned with over all diamonds, second necklace is with full of plain diamonds , 3rd necklace is with heavy oval shaped emerald stone adorned with precious diamonds. A perfect bridal diamond necklace.

Classic diamond emeralds necklace adorned with pearls and the last necklace is simple diamond necklace with  a classic pendant.

18 carat heavy diamond necklace with a finishing of south pearls with a perfect locket attachment.


Diamond, kundan, rubies mango mala which is perfect for upcoming brdies. A unique kasu necklace with a flower finishing work around the long chain.

18 carat unique kasu diamond necklace with a chandbali diamond hangings around the kasu necklace adored with pearls.

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