Half saree – A traditional yet simple way to flaunt a short saree

India is a country full of traditions, customs and lot of style. The simplicity accompanied with the royalty is how I would define the traditional wear, saree. However, with changing trends and the need to enhance the look with accompanied drapes and designs is short lived but an indispensable fact of the trend in today’s era.

Indian women like to dress themselves according to the customs and society to which they belong. For example, in Punjab salwar- kameez is the traditional attire and is extremely common. Similarly, in south India half saree with long skirts is the traditional wear among young unmarried girls.

There are always new styles that develop over time and change the portico of the old wear. Innovation is done to make the half saree look trendier yet elegant according to our convenience and choice.

So, when it comes to choosing between a saree or a half saree definitely majority of the young teenage girls would prefer to wear a half saree because of the style and ease in draping the same. There are many other reasons why half sarees are more preferable.

Easy to wear 
We come across countless occasions where we have to drape a traditional outfit, but at the same time, it should look chic and fashionable. The best part of this half saree is it is very easy to wear and very comfortable to flaunt in a party. Depends on the ocassion you may need to choose lite weight simple lehanga honi or heavy embroidery work .

Different styles 
Made with a simple and plain fabric and measuring just three meters, it is very easy to drape a half saree. According to the occasion, it can be draped from traditional to trendier styles. Depends on your duppta you can wear it in a different style like single pallu or with small frills pallu. Its all depends on the fabric you may need to choose the different style of draping.

Different patterns and varieties 
Like many other outfits, a half saree is available in a variety of styles and patterns ranging from the way the tops are designed to the way the skirts are designed. The tops, which were blouses in the traditional attire, have now been transformed into a crop top or a long Kurta over the skirt to make it look cooler. Similarly, the skirt is also available in numerous styles and cuts like a mermaid style or an A-line, straight cut and so on.

Combination Appeal – traditional and modern 
After being depicted in Bollywood movies such as 2- states and Chennai express, fashion inspired girls and women are opting for this attire especially with western innovation being added to it. While the original half saree was very plain and simple but according to the changing era and fashion, the newer version has a variety of work done on then to give them a modern appeal.

Special Look :You want to look unique and special among the crowd then go blindly with lehanga honi. This is the only attire which grab attention. This unique attire makes you more special . When you are choosing lehanga honi it is better to go with a contrast colour combination instead going with same colour. Contrast colour combination is the big hit these days.

As this saree is almost half the original size, use your own style to drape the same and create your own presence being felt in the gathering.

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