Mind blowing Ear ring collections by krishna jewellers

Its the wish of every women that she should have multiple ear rings in their wardrobe. If you have searched enough websites and blogs for the latest designs then you must stop doing that and should see the latest collections of “Krishna jewellers ” Amazing and mind blowing ear ring designs. Their collection of Gold and diamond ear rings may awestruck women attention on jewelry. Will not make you wait have a glance of their beautiful ear ring.

22 carat emerald encrusted kundan earrings studded with flat diamonds with pearl drop.

This exceptional pair of earrings with emeralds and diamonds are a precious find.

Embedded with precious stones and embellished with pearls, these jhumkis can liven up any look

An endearing combination of bird motifs design ear rings with a finishing work with pearl drop, flat diamonds and rubies.

22 carat chandbali ear rings studded with rubies emeralds and pearl drops on all over chandbali ear rings.

22 carat Statement bird ear rings studded with diamonds, emearlds with a gold finishing around the bird.

Kundan jhumkis with red precious stones are sure to grab the attention.

22 carat jhumkas for the modern woman, who loves the blend of the classic and the contemporary. Embellished with diamonds and emeralds, the traditional motifs create an alluring impression.

Asymmetric and stylish, these jaw-dropping earrings from Krishna Pearls are a must-have. The sparkling drop motifs, encrusted with rubies and diamonds

Indulge in iridescent earrings in a bold design crafted with diamonds and emeralds.

18 carat statement rubies diamond ear rings with a finishing work with gold.


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