A Quick Glimpse on the Evergreen Saree Trends!

It is so true that “ change is the only constant thing in this world”, but it is also said that  “What goes does come back”. Such is the story, in the fashion industry as well. In this era where the perception is dependent on the way you look, the traditional sarees are coming back without much difference. What Sridevi and Madhuri wore in 90’s been like a legacy for the Bollywood Divas and the same continues. They are wearing similar outfits with the same poise to remind us of the past and feel royal and glamorous. A few of the old patterns and materials, which have revamped in this decade include:

Elbow length/ high neck and puffed sleeve blouses :- 

A saree gets a look by the way you carry it, as well as the manner you pair it up with a blouse. We tend to somehow be a fashion follower of the female actors. They are the walkways and we tend to follow them. In the current era, we see a constant trend of shifting to simple from a lot of embellishments in the saree. The trend has shifted from heady sarees to simple sarees with designer blouses. Elbow length blouses, as well as high neck blouse, adds a formal and royal gaze to your appearance.

On the other hand, if you are a confident should try out the puffed sleeve blouse. It is a superb way to add momentum to your old and boring saree. You would see a number of celebrities looking wow just because of the extra flair of cloth on their sleeves. The right selection of blouse can help you camouflage your extra muscle, which you don’t others to notice. This trick can help you look the way you want others to perceive your looks.

Fabrics in trend :- 

There is nothing wrong in draping a shimmer saree, but the fact remains that a chiffon and satin saree will definitely give you the sober and subtle look, which would make you, look extremely elegant. Chiffon works great for breakfast, and lunch parties. These fabric is trending since days.

However, if you want the eyes to admire you, go for a satin saree as an evening wear. The shine will add on to your natural beauty. It can be paired with a mat velvet embellished blouse to make you all set for the compliments. Make your traditional outfit into modern look with a designer blouse or you may just change the pattern of the blouse to with a simple twist with perfect cutout on the back of the blouse.

Another brilliant option is to try out a Lakhnawi or lace saree to keep the traditions alive and do justice to the amount spent on the expensive jewelry, which stands out when paired with them. A bindi/ kumkum to add to your traditional look might match up the look and add to your poise.

You are all set with simple the  tips and tricks to get up, dress up and show up at the party. Remember a woman is born beautiful we just enhance it by what we wear.

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