Follow your Silver screen Diva you love to explore the Diva within!

Women are born beautiful, but definitely need to look great to inspire others. We are all social beings and like to interact and follow the ones who inspire us. The media and in particular the social media have made the world much smaller. We tend to follow our favorite celebrities on the magazines and social media and copy paste their styles to look beautiful. This is completely justified as they are the trendsetters and why not gain from their expertise. The celebrities affect the way they walk, talk, eat and wear, isn’t it? Virat Kohli inspiring with #Pramparik Veshbhusha did encourage a few of the followers to wear a traditional wear on the Independence Day. So let’s follow the style trends in the blouse designs to add glamour to the sarees we possess.

Cape it on :- 

I personally love this trendy style as it is extremely comfortable and helps my simple saree give it a designer look. It is one of the favorites this season. Designers like Jaishree Reddy and Anamika Khanna have a superb collection, which can help you, flaunt your way out this monsoon.

Let the bells flow

Remember the bell sleeves, which was in trend a decade ago. Yes the bell sleeve, easy flow blouses are back in fashion, not only as part of your suit but also in the blouse you wear. Pleat your pallu, fix it on your shoulder and let the blouse sleeve do its magic to enhance your look.

Let the air in with Cold Shoulder & off shoulder blouse :- 

Women are usually blessed with beautiful and soft skin. Flaunt a little with a cut on the sleeves for the cold shoulder blouse. This little cut would make the fashion statement. Although the celebrities are coming over this design the off shoulders are new in trend now. It is an extremely stylish option for those who have the confidence to carry it well.

Off shoulder blouses are one of the ultimate choice for sarees . These blouses are not just restricted to designer sarees these sarees also go good on the pattu sarees as well. These off shoulder blouses look super stylish and if you want to spot on then you  may need to try these off shoulder blouses. When you are going with off shoulder blouse pattern then just do a bleach or facial on the shoulder.

Bottom it tight with Shirt Style blouse :- 

Waist length, shirt type blouses is again an extremely comfortable blouse as you are free to pleat your saree and keep your hands free. A full or a half saree works well with it. You can also wear a dhoti or a shirt as your lowers accompanied with a half saree to help you look different. Do team it with a choker as your neckpiece to give it a heavy look. If it were a small gathering high neck shirt blouse with big tops would be a great accessory to add to the unparalleled look.

At times it important to look different to look and feel like a Diva. So use these designer blouseswith your saree to inspire people about the fashionable look.

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