Gadwall sarees – An addition to your timeless collection

Sarees as we all know, is the most traditional garment; it’s been ruling the world of attires for decades. As I mentioned in my previous blog that saree have made a tremendous twist in the fashion trend as they can be draped in various styles but as we know old is gold, and nothing can compete a simple silk saree in a traditional drape. Some saree do not need any twist if carried well to create a fashion statement One such saree is a Gadwal silk.

Gadwal saree is a mixture of cotton and silk, where the entire drape is made of cotton and the borders and pallu are made of silk, they are interlocked with each other. The name Gadwal comes from a name of a small village in Andra Pradesh named Gadwal. The skillful weavers of this village wove these sarees. We can get these sarees in small and big borders made of silver or golden work. These sarees are also made in various colors a combination of two or more colors to match the weave of the saree.

The weaving technique used to design these sarees is traditionally known as Kuppadam and the weaving style for the borders are known as Kumbam. The best part of a Gadwal saree is they are very light in weight and can be folded to match the size of a matchbox. It is because of this property every woman prefers to wear it. They can easily be flaunted in any party, be it a wedding or a puja.

The Magic of these gadwal sarees is it gives a rick look and the best part is the fabric is more comfort . These gadwal sarees are available in cotton and pattu as well. The cost varies according to the fabric. The colour combinations that comes in this fabric are really good . Ranging from dark colours to lite colours. These gadwal silk saree come in a various color combination but must is gold combination.

In the initial times these sarees were woven with figures of temples and goddesses and the colors were also adopted from the temples and nature for example, they were available only in earthen colors, but as time passed the designs and the colors both have changed according to the trend. Today you can find these sarees in more modern designs as well. 

Due to modernization, these sarees have commercialized globally. The saree is now exported to many other parts of the world like US, UK etc. The production had also increased with the help of new machines, in olden days these sarees wear totally hand woven but in this modern era they are made by modern technique and machinery.
Go grab a Gadwal silk saree from any showroom to flaunt on your grand party.

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