Saree trends you can’t afford to miss

Saree the six yards of the gorgeous evergreen garment, which are worn for endless reasons be it weddings, parties, work, club or out with friends for kitty parties. These saree is ruling in the present fashion trend. This six yards saree can be molded in different ways according to the our south and north tradition. How this saree have become more fashion in the present era ?  Our Indian fashioners have come up with more ideas how to rock the traditional saree in a modern way.

Seeing the trends around on the ramps as well as in Bollywood seems that they are the hottest in 2018. The main reason is a Saree is the only garment, which suits women of all ages. This does not mean we have to buy new sarees every time or drape them in similar old styles. The old sarees in your wardrobe can also appear totally new if draped in a different style or with a modern style jacket blouse. Even a dhoti style draped saree on pants add glamour to your looks.

There are many ways to drape your saree from traditional to modern ways.
Below I have compiled a list of innovative drapes, which is hot running in 2018, and trust me this reinvention in draping a saree will really change a woman’s mindset.

Indo western style 

Don’t go by the traditional looks, if a saree is draped over skirts or pants or dhoti it will give a brilliant twist to your contemporary look. Try it on and see how you turn heads and heels in the party.

Fringe Sarees :-

Fringe sarees are ruling the current fashion world and these sarees will give a unique look. These fringe pattern may be on sarees or on blouses but the complete look of the attire will change and you need not have a heavy jewellery and makeup. These sarees are perfect for party wear.  

Jacket on sarees 
Wear your old dated saree with an embroidered or collared gorgeous jacket and see how this jacket gives a twist to your traditional attire.The jackets with sarees offer instantly structured glamour to your whole look.When these jackets are paired with traditional sarees they really create a glamorous version. You can play with the types of pleats to change the appearance from formal to fashionable. Jackets can be short or long depending on the occasion. The jackets in all add a vintage touch to your attire.

Ruffled sarees 
in my previous blog, I had mentioned a lot about ruffled sarees. These ruffles are trending hot in 2018. If you want to look bold and confident try these ruffled sarees and it will change your personality. Ruffled sarees are a return of retro theme but the styles and patterns have changed. The ruffles on Pallu and borders or skirts of a sheer saree look extremely fabulous in evening parties.

Frill Saree 

These frill sarees look good and how to rock in these frill sarees must learn from our celebrities. These frill sarees go good for the evening occasion. These frills at the center of the saree will give a look of lehanga honi style. Team up with beautiful designer blouse with statement silver jewellery or gold jewellery with loose hair .

Sheer sarees with stylish blouses 
The sheer sarees are becoming hugely popular because it provides a touch of glamour in a saree, which is one of the oldest traditional wear. Just team up your translucent sheer saree with your well-embellished blouse, so that the same is visible partially, giving it a heavy look. Just make sure that the blouse paired with the saree has back buttons or a side zips to give it a clad look.

Classic sarees 
2018 is the year to take the saree back in its basic fabric; designers are playing with more and more traditional fabrics like silks and brocades on their outfits. We have seen many celebs wearing a traditional silk saree on their receptions and one such example is Anushka Sharma wearing a hot red silk Banarasi on her wedding eve.

So do not get puzzled and wear a saree on any occasion to look picture perfect.

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