Jewelry: A mandatory add-on to complement your looks with any saree

It was rightly said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends. But with changing trends, this decade-old proverb does not really hold good anymore. It is the era to try out the fusion jewelry and team them up with your traditional saree. Amalgamate your old masterpieces lying back in your jewelry box and match them with the traditional outfits to give it the unparalleled look. Such a harmonious blend would make the eyes turn at you in any party you visit.

Large traditional earrings

Large earnings might be heavy to your years, but that’s worth the look you would get. Try out wearing your wedding set earnings without the neckpiece to accompany your contemporary sarees with a high neck blouse. To give it a complete look accompanies it with a heavy bangle.

 Large Fashionable earrings

Large metal rings to large wooden earnings all go extremely well if teamed up with the right saree. Revamp your looks to more glamour by wearing these trendy earnings, which go really well with the sarees. It gives a fusion look and makes your ultimate look special. Celebrities are seen wearing such western earnings to give a fusion look to their simple sarees.

Studs :- 

Well, this is convenient for the ears and comfortably adds completeness to your appearance. Try out the large studs with or without a neck piece. If we look at our celebrities they do skip the neck pieces according to the the outfit they choose.

Long/ bold neck pieces

You are not too fond of wearing earrings; do try out the funky necklaces, which would make you look extremely attractive. This would create a new look for your sari and make it appear cool. So get up, dress up and show up with the combination of a sari with a long neck piece and a beautiful hairstyle.

Abstract designer jewelry

Long neckpieces go extremely well with the hand-woven saris and look trendy. Ranging from fabric made neckpieces to Silver and alloys, each one has its own beauty embedded within if carried with comfort and poise.

A big neckpiece in a simple chain is good to go with your cotton and silk saris. Do try it out for the complete feel with your usual earning.

Nose pins

Being in a mandatory jeweler as per the customs and cultures in many Indian traditions, this has become a fashion accessory as well. If you do not have your nose pierced, try out the spring nose pins to make your face gaze extremely distinctive.

Bold bracelets

Add on a heavy bracelet with long earnings or just a neckpiece to look party ready. These bracelets can again be made of gold, silver, alloy or just a designer piece made with a combination of fabric and an alloy. A celebrity needs to add-on such masterpieces to their attire to look bold and beautiful.

So feel like a celebrity as you use this tricks to make a simple saree look heavy or vice versa.

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