The perfect hairstyle is a must for a perfect celebrity look!

As stated earlier in one of my blogs, it is so rightly said that if a woman was a gift, the sari was the perfect gift-wrap. To look extremely elegant and royal nothing would suit the sari better than a hair bun. A woman always has a bad hair day sometime or the other when they have to go in a party. Do not think twice and where are hair bun to be all set for the party. The type of hair bun can be decided upon depending on your choice and the length of your hair. Even extensions and artificial buns can be used as a rescue if your hair has been styled in layers by your hairdresser or are too short to be tied up as a bun.

Bun at the Center embellished with flowers & ornaments! 
this is the most common and oldest hair buns but still remain in fashion. It can be made in less time and is a brilliant hair-do when your hair is not even washed the same day. This hairstyle looks extremely royal and traditional when teamed up with local Jasmine or genda flowers. So next time you drape a silk sari quickly make a bun, set a few flowers and you are all set for the party. You can even add an ornaments in middle of the bun to get an instant look.

A Bun at the back and puff at the front

If you have straight hair, style it up with a front puff. Back come the front hair and pin it up to give a stunning look to your face. To look neat, tie it up at the back as a bun. You can use a simple bun as stated earlier or a braided bun depending on your time, hair length and precision to make the same properly.

Braided Bun

If you have long hair, do try a braided bun for the ultimate neat and wow look. You can choose a center parting, side parting or a puff for the desired look at the front. This style looks extremely beautiful and even better when accompanied with a few flowers.

Messy Bun

This is the modern look to the contemporary clean buns, which has been continuing for decades. With no set of details steps, just grab all your hair and make a bun. Use thin pins to make sure that it looks messy, not untidy. This style goes extremely well with indo-western and dhoti sarees.

Tips and tricks to use the flowers

You can use a variety of flowers to match your attire. Ranging from roses to orchids all go well as per the color of the saree/ blouse you are wearing. In case you and indecisive about the saree you would be wearing, just buy a white jasmine mala to suit all possible colors and give you the ultimate fragrance of your beauty in any party

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