Draping is an art of making the saree look extremely elegant!

Buying a particular saree is a personal choice but the way you carry it is what would make your choice extremely eye-catching. The saree is a inexplicable 9-yard fabric which can add a lot of glamour to your looks depending on the manner to drape the same. One should make sure that she is confident and career the drape with a lot of poise. The draping patent should be selected depending on one’s personality and comfort levels. This blog would discuss a few ways and techniques to add marvel to the manner you drape up the garment.

Twosome awesome

Add an extra pallu or just attach the same to the saree to give an unparalleled look to the saree. Sonam Kapoor has always been in the top list to experiment with various fabrics and styles to look different. She carries a sky blue and grey floral saree with a plain grey fabric on the other shoulder. This was teamed with a shimmery blouse to add magnificence to the combo.  When you want to look unique try the below style.

Shape it up with a belt

Another favorite in the list of fashionistas is Shilpa shetty who loves trying out different drapes. She was located with a traditional saree well pleated and the looks being enhanced by using a belt around the waist. You can experiment with a similar or a contrast belt depending on the saree and the print or fabric of the saree.  You can try this belt option if your saree is see through or net saree. Well pleated saree with belt option for see through sarees are best. If you are unable to carry the saree in a proper way then go blindly with the belt option.

Saree with Dupatta :- 

This is one of the stylish way among all the saree styles. The best part is this style can be wore irrespective of the age type. Team up with the contrast duppata of your saree or same colour , this option will add some charm look to your saree and literally give a modern twist . Just add a duppata on the other side of the saree to get a look. Trust us you will look unique .

Pallu at one end :- 

Sometimes we need a break from the normal drape and need to give a trendy cocktail look to the saree. If you can carry the pleated or plain saree and do not mind showing more of your shirt, do try the drape with the pallu pinned on the extreme corner of the shoulder. Archana Kocchar a well-known designer makes a lot of such drapes, which are pleated to carry comfortably. Plain or dark printed sarees looks awesome if draped well in this manner.

The Scarf Pallu style

The comfort is the new look as the loose end of the pallu can be tied like a dupatta around the neck for a different appearance. It adds a completely different aspect to how the saree is draped. We find a number of celebs like Kalki, Mandira Bedi and Vidhya Balan carrying the pallu like a suit style dupatta.  You can either leave the end in the front or twist it around the neck like a scarf.

 Seedha Pallu Saree :- 

Sometimes the contemporary is trendy and this is what seedha pallu saree is all about. A seedha pallu saree is the traditional way of draping the saree in many states and in particular in Gujarat. A variant of this style is used to give a twist to the general look.

So experiment with the various styles and add glamour to the magical attire.

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