Its time to add accessories to your hair for the ultimate hairstyle

It was rightly stated by Iris Apfel “Put your money in accessories, you can create a million different looks”

It is definitely important to choose the right attire for the desired look, but if the same were accompanied with a well-made hairstyle the attire would suit you even better. Just like a woman looks prettier with well-chosen attire, the hair needs attention and accessories to be well adorned to create a perfect look. A flawless look needs us to be more cautious about the way we manage our hair do’s. Definitely, some people are genetically blessed with a great  texture and a lot also depends upon your lifestyle and stress levels. Know your hair better and use these tips and tricks to add more glamour to the hairstyle, which can be chosen for revealing a perfect Indian look.

Beautify the hairstyle with flowers

I would definitely suggest fresh flowers over the artificial ones, as they have their unique addition of nature and fragrance. Although, it the event is to last long do find an artificial bunch to last long. A unique combination of roses, jasmines, orchids, and lilies can add a lot of color to the hair and looks exemplary when used in the combination color of your attire.

Add a Hair broach/ pendant 

You might be having innumerable real and artificial pendants, which lie unworn since ages. It is time to take them out and use it as a hair accessory. Glam up the hairstyle with pendants and broaches to add shimmer to your contemporary hairstyle. Stone broaches go very well with designer wear and gold broaches look awesome with traditional wear.


Fancy Hair Pins 

Simple black hair pins will help you to complete your hair style the way you require and when you are done then just add the fancy hair pin that are embellished with with beautiful golden beads, flowers and fake flowers. These pins are available in the local market and online shops as well! These beautiful pins will do justice to your hairstyle . Look at the below photo graphs to get an idea how to style with fancy pins!

Metallic chains

If you were looking for a simple and delicate add-on, the best option would be hair chain. Experiment them in different ways to enhance the look. You can also use a combination of fashionable hairpins and chains for an impeccable look as per your attire and preference.


The Traditional Jada :- 

Indians are usually blessed with a superb quality and length of hair. In case you have shorter hair add artificial braids and bejewel them with Jada, the most traditional hair braid accessory to make it look extremely neat yet gorgeous. You can also use a combination of fresh flowers and hair ornaments for a heavier look. This is one of the most recommended hairstyle for your welling when accompanied with a net trail or pallu to make it visible. On your big day if you want to look good through out the day just skip the flowers and add ornaments .

The evergreen buns bejeweled with ornaments

Hair bun is one of the ever green trended hair style and instead of going with a simple hair bun add a twist by adding some ornaments in your hair. These days we are getting lot of varieties of designs available in the market in one gram gold and you can make a try of it. It the hair bun suits your face cut and attire, go for it. It’s the age-tested way of looking traditional. Ornament it with accessories of stones, pearls, and metal to give it a complete look.

It’s time to try out accessories on your hairstyles and gives it a traditional look.

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