Add a twist to the traditional saree with a modern pepped up blouse

Saree is one of the most beautiful outfit and these Traditional saris never go out of fashion.  This Sarees looks more outstanding  when it is teamed up with a designer and modern blouse the beauty is just incomparable. A good and well-made blouse adds a lot of glamour to the saree and gives it a much fresher and acceptable look. Next time you have an event pair the traditional saree with these beautiful modern-day blouse designs to ensure a glamorous look.

Crisscross at the neck or the waist :- 

If you are young and looking for an eye-catching designer blouse, grab a crisscross neck design for your blouse. It looks extremely stylish and as a bonus to it, you would be free from choosing a neckpiece for the occasion. It resembles a polo neck and gives an up-to-the-minute look to your saree. Team them up with long earrings to complete the look.

If you are comfortable with a bleated pallu so that the blouse is completely visible, try out the crisscross design on the lower half of your blouse. There a number of celebrities experimenting with carious crisscross waist designs to ensure that the look sober and erotic at the same time.

Back it up with a bow

Add a bow at the top or bottom of the blouse back. This can be in the form of a tie-up or a show bow to give it a twist. Remember to choose a hairstyle, which does not cover the bow at the back. This design can also be teamed up with keyhole designs to give it an even more voluptuous look.


Pep it up with a peplum blouses

Peplum blouses are just so much in fashion. By now you might be having a peplum blouse with a skirt. Team them up with your saree to give a contemporary and elegant look. If you are slim and a person who carries the attire with poise get a peplum blouse done with bell sleeves for an unparalleled combination for your saree.

Cape blouse :-  Cape blouses will add a twist to your saree. These pattern blouses are trending on all most all outfits including saree blouse. If you want to look stylish and unique then you should go with a cape blouse pattern. Make you are complete traditional attire to stylish attire by just teaming up cape blouse pattern. You should ensure taking a right fabric that suits your saree.

Add a T to the neck.

Net sarees are not meant for winters but making the T design in the neck more visible by using a net would look bizarre with a simple saree. This astonishing design will grab attention and if teamed up with a brilliant earing, I assure that you would back up innumerable compliments in the celebration.

Play with the sleeves

A simple blouse with elbow length sleeves and a beautiful neck will make a simple blouse stand out if carried well with a saree. Add a beautiful neck piece to ensure that the look is just complete for the occasion. You can play with the sleeves of the blouse and if we observe these days butterfly sleeves, bell sleeves and full sleeves are going very well on the sarees.


So go ahead and get the masterpiece blouse to create the glimpse your old saree would have never managed to give you with the twisted modern blouses.

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