Soft silk sarees with well-designed blouse: the ultimate combination

The traditional wears are flowing in a new direction where people are looking out for more comfort and style rather than heavy sarees, which make you so tired by the end of the party. You might have tried the heavy work blouses on the silk sarees but read the below article how you can style your traditional silk sarees with a twist in the blouse . I would share some tips and tricks about the various blouse designs which when paired with your soft silk treasure would make the glamour within you outshine like never before.  

Must try 1: The floral fresh

Floral printed blouses are currently rocking and these blouses literally do justice on any sarees. Raw silk fabric with floral print is an excellent combination. If you are not in a mood to spend a lot on the blouse, go and grab a silk/ cotton floral design material and get a blouse stitched. It looks extremely different and adds color to your plain soft skills. You can also chose quirky prints if you are the fashion trendsetter.


Must try 2: Choker neck blouses

If you like to try out different things, trying out the choker neck blouse is a must try for you. Before this design goes out of fashion, try out the ultimate choker neck design. There is a slit on one end and the other end has the connection with the other shoulder. You are fee from thinking about the neck piece as well. Just put on long earnings or studs and you are all set to hit the party.

 Must try 3: Off shoulder blouses.

If the breeze does not hit you hard in winters, you can go for the evergreen off shoulder blouse to give the indo- western look. The choice of choosing the off shoulder blouse is lop sided, as it can make or break your ultimate look. Wear it only if it suits you and if you can carry this with a lot of poise. 

Must try 4: Elbow/ three forth sleeves

The length of the sleeves can change the simple blouse to an extraordinary one. Both these lengths would be a brilliant choice to suit all season and give you the royal traditional feel. So not forget to wear your choker set or big pendants to complete the look. It will make you look extremely dignified and is a brilliant choice for formal gatherings. 

Must try 5: The shiny satin

Satin and silks is an uncommon combination which works well if your silk is printed or woven. A combination of pain satin blouse with a printed sarees or a printed satin blouse with a plain soft silk sarees looks superb. Do carry a contrast color to ensure that each piece looks different and creates a masterpiece when combined.


Must try 6: Shimmery blouse

A shimmery blouse again is a good choice. However double check the color to make sure that it suits the part and does not look too loud. A soft silk sari is the new comfort trend; add beautiful blouses to create a masterpiece you would love to show-off.

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