The right blouse is mandatory for a perfect look

 It is rightly said that unless we concentrate on the detailing, the best look cannot be attained. So is the case with the blouse designs. We need to experiment with the innumerable cuts, designs and fit to make sure that the same gives the perfect look when collaborated with a saree. A lot can be done with the sleeves and the back, which is the most visible part of a blouse. But a perfect back neck blouse will change the complete look of the blouse.

 Fringe saree blouse Design :-  

Want to look unique and to spot on ? You may need to try these fringe saree blouse design. Horizontal layers on the blouse with the beads or at the end or hem of the blouse will do good. If you are bored with the regular blouses try this blouses on the plain saree or simple chiffon saree. These blouses literally look outstanding and unique.

 Tassels at the back of the blouse :-  

A simple touch up with contrast or same colour tassels on the back of the blouse will change the complete look of the blouse.  Team up with designer saree or plain saree. A simple touch up of tassels give an ethnic look to your blouse.

Add some strings at the back

Having string at the back of the blouse is not uncommon. But the way the sting are placed and tied up definitely adds a twist to the basic look. It looks extremely flamboyant if carried with poise. Also, the strings when tied up together gives a brilliant fit and look superb simple or heavy sarees. If it is a traditional saree adding long tassels to it would make it look outstanding.


Visible knot at the back

Add a string on both sides of the shoulders and add beautiful tassels for the unparalleled look. Such blouses reveal their proper look with a hair bun or with a hairstyle, which does not intrude the cuts, and knots in the blouse. These strings can be of the same color or a contrast one to suit your saree.


Fabric bow at the back

A big and showy bow at the back would add a lot of attraction to the uncommon design. It looks even better when made from a translucent sheer fabric with a loud motive in the center. A bow can be attached at different levels in the blouse depending on the design of the same.


Collared open back blouse design

Open back blouse looks brilliant when it accompanied with a collar. It looks extremely elegant from the front and delicate from the back. These designs can be teamed up with sleeveless, short sleeve; elbow sleeves or full sleeves and looks extraordinary with traditional sarees.


Cross at the back blouse design

If you are comfortable with the skin being visible try out the cross back blouse which looks extremely unique. Accessories the center or the edges for an even better look.


High neck blouse

High neck blouses look extremely elegant and work well in any party from a formal one to a festive event. Add some embellishments to the collar to make it look distinctive. 

So this season try out our tips and tricks when you visit your designer for getting your blouse stitched. Experiment with the same color or contrast blouses and spend some time in shortlisting the designs to give your designer an idea about your inclinations for the blouse design.

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