Latest Maggam work blouse designs 2019

Maggam work blouses are ever green and these blouses looks  literally outstanding and are going good since years. If we observe in the present fashion world , a blouse without maggam work is incomplete to the traditional pattu sarees. These blouses are designed with special needles by tying the  un stitched blouse to nawar.

Following maggam work blouses that are trended in 2018 are going to be trended in 2019 as well. Here are some classic maggam work blouse designs . Have a glance of them.

Bunch of beads work on the neck line and hands :- These blouses literally become fashion in the year 2018. Irrespective of the colour of the blouse these beads blouses went very well and we observe in the during the last quarter of the year these blouses went very well. Specially for all the brides.

Bride and groom blouse designs/ Bride in pallaki :-  In 2018 bride and groom blouse designs on the hands was the talk in 2018 and we are sure that this trend will go in the present year 2019 as well. A detail intricate with perfect matching threads according to the saree design are the major hit. Have a glance of the below blouse which are perfect for wedding !!! If you want to look unique you can go with the below blouses.

Contrast sleeve blouse  :- Contrast sleeve blouse is one of the ultimate hit in 2018 and the same trend will follow in 2019 as well. These blouses will pay attention and the complete traditional look changes in to ethnic look.

Floral zardosi work blouse :-  Floral zardosi work blouses are ever green blouse designs. These all over floral zardosi and stone work blouses look go very well on the dark shades of the blouses. The gold zardosi on the dark shades  will be an eye catching combination.

Heavy work sleeves Blouses :-  For the brides and the wedding attendee these days if we observe these heavy work sleeve blouses are top trending . These blouses looks so gorgeous on pattu sarees. A blouse with heavy zardosi work, stone work with colour full thread work will change the complete look of the blouse .Here are some beautiful heavy work sleeve blouse that are trended in 2018 and going to be trended in 2019 as well

Big border sleeves with zardosi work around the neck line and on sleeves.  Big border blouses are one of the dam hit blouse in 2019 . A zarodosi work around the neckline and on sleeves border with elbow length pattern went very well. These blouses look perfect on pattu sarees .

Animal and bird maggam work blouse :- Animal and bird maggam work blouse with elbow length sleeves are one of the major hit in 2018 and will continue in 2019 as well. These blouses literally went fashion, specially on the bridal blouses. Elephant, peacock and bird in cage work blouses went very well. Here are some rocking blouses that are trended in 2018 and will rock in 2019 as well.

Cut work blouse :- Cut work blouses look so elegant and ethnic and these blouses are very special and these cut work designs look so beautiful and when it combines with a combination of beads and zardosi that looks mind blowing.

Guttapusalu blouse designs :-  Well we all know how good the guttapusala haram goes well on the sarees. These haram is now slowly moved on blouses as well.  A buch of beads with kundan and a combination of zardosi work made the hit on the blouses. Believe us these blouses do justice on the silk sarees.

Jewel design blouses :-  Jewel design blouses like chandbali ear rings, jumkha blouse design and kasu embellishment blouse designs are one of the ultimate hit in 2018 and the same will continue in 2019 as well.

Beads work blosue :- A shining beads work on the blouses with a stone work embellishment and gold thread look so elegant and when you guys are going with this beads work then blindly go with elbow length sleeves.

Sheer net back neck blouse design :-  Work on the net is one of the most fashion blouse that is trended in 2018 and these blouses will also go good in 2019 as well. These blouses look literally outstanding on any silk sarees and designer saree. You can even pair up these blouses on plain chiffon sarees as well

Kundan / Mirror work blouses :- Last but not the least ever green mirror work blouses went fashion in the 2018 and that will also go fashion in 2019 as well. A blouse with a combination of mirror work and kundan is one of the outstanding combination.


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