The outfits you cannot afford to miss out on this festive season

There was time when people were not too comfortable trying out different trends for the festive season. However, not the trends have changed and everyone wants to pep up the season with a twist. Try out different attires and styles to ensure that you look like a diva as far as the latest trends are concerned. For this upcoming festive here is one of the beautiful article what all outfits you can go with. Gone those days where we only take an option of Traditional outfit for the festive season. Days have changed and every one  want to follow the present trending fashion outfits.

Team up your choli with a lehenga

With the western culture making a lot of impact on the traditional wear, this season try out the ultimate combination of choli with a lehenga. It looks extremely rasvishing it its fits well, not to tight, not too loose. Do consult your fashion designer to choose the right length of the choli to suit your body shape.

The evergreen Gown

I feel this is the most comfortable wear to ensure that the ultimate look suits you really well. It suits almost all sizes. Chose the right yolk length to ensure the best fit. If you observe the present fashion trend these long gowns are going in high trend and these are even goes very well in the evening parties and wedding’s as well!

The Peplum top

Team up your peplum top with the lehenga to get the perfect indo western looks you always wanted. A simple or a heavy skirt with a peplum top really works well for close as well as grand events. These peplum tops are not only suitable for lehengas

 The trendsetter combination of your favorite denim and the long slit kurta :- 

Team up your denim with a long kurta with a slit in the front or sides. It looks brilliant if combined with silver accessories and a big neckpiece.

Crop top/ tucked top with a skirt

If you are not too happy with your peplum look or you feel bulky try out a crop top with your skirt. You can try out a heavy top with a simple skirt or a simple top with a heavy skirt. It combination completely depends on the personal choice. You should try pot bell sleeves or full sleeves to suit the winter season.

Palazo Pants with different types of tops

Palazzo pants are just so comfortable. If the palazzo pants are teamed up well with a crop top and a jacket, it looks striking. Add glamour to it by carrying a nice purse and high heels.


Dhoti pants with a crop-top/ jacket or a shrug

Pair the dhoti with a proper fitted top to ensure that the attire is not too flowy. Team up the dhoti with a crop top and a jacket to get the celebrity look. It gices a traditional yet smart look you have been looking for in events like pujas and marriages.  Peplum  tops good on dhothi pants as well. For this festive season if you dont have one in your wardrobe you can make a try for this upcoming festive season.

So skits are in trend and so are the jackets. These styles are a must try to ensure the picture perfect look you desire. A complete combination would be eye catching and help you grab innumerable compliments like never before. So what are you waiting for, call your designer now or go shopping.


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