Tassels in blouse enhancing the looks!

Saree has been out traditional attire and will remain our favorite attire irrespective of the western culture coming it. Do not drift away from tradition just to add glamour, instead add glamour to the blouses to make the saree look wow. It is so true that we spend hours to buy a saree which would suit our choice and the party we aim to carry that in, but the fact remains that unless it is not accompanied with a beautiful blouse to it, you might not be able to do justice with the saree itself. So we have come up with a wide range of ways by which you can assemble the tassels to your blouse and make it look extraordinary . Tassels are not just fashion  to the blouse these tassels will give a perfect shape to the back neck .

Add doris to the back

If you are comfortable then do try out something new this season by adding doris to the back of your blouse. It looks ravishing and at the same time allows you to give a completely different look to your masterpieces.

Add tassels to your doris:

This summer festivities need much more attention to ensure that the blouse looks dressy. You can add colorful tassels to the same in contrast or in team with your blouse/ saree you create the unique design. If we observe most of the fashioners are creating some intresting tassels with the saree matching combination. Look at the below saree blouse tassels which are perfect example to show how good they go on blouses.

 If you feel that adding a lot of Doris it something you wont like to showoff, just add a single dori on the top or multiple doris in between of the blouse either of the choice go good and add a flamboyant tassel or a bunch of colour full balls tassels on the blouse will go good . A good way can be to get different tassels made and attaché it to the blouses as and when needed. This will ensure that your investments of resources are completely worth the resources spent.

Zig zak doris

My personal favorite is the zig- zag dori, which ensures that the blouse fits us extremely well and gives a wonderful shape to the same. Such criss- cross back of the blouse can be made simple or fancy using different types of doris. The dori can be extended till the collar zone to ensure better coverage. The ends on the dori in the bottom can be accesorized using a tassel.

Play with shapes and add a simple tassel

Do no go by the monotony, experiment different shaped on the back like round, rectangle, oval etc. to add splendor to the overall look. These blouses suit almost all sarees and ensure that the people around gaze at you to compliment.

So are you all set to add accessories to your blouse and make it look ravishing as the summers approach? If yes then fix up an appointment with your designer right away and get your dori/ tassel blouse ordered soon.

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