Glam up your Plain sarees with Floral blouses!

Present trend is plain sarees and when they team with the floral blouses the complete traditional look changes into the ethnic look. These floral blouses literally looks quite outstanding and little floral embroidery work will give a perfect touch to the  blouses. We all love flowers and there cannot be a better choice of adding colors and vibrancy to your saree by means other than adding a floral design. This season as the summers approach make your simple plain sarees look stunning by teaming them up with a floral blouse.

A floral blouse breaks the monotony of a single color and adds glamour to the complete look. Highlight the beauty of the masterpiece by combining different prints to make your blouse a perfect match.


If you are not in a mood to spend much as you decide to play with floral print you can choose a good print in an inexpensive cotton material and select a simple design to pep up your saree. Edge your blouse and saree with a simple crotia lace or border to add symmetry. Choose the size of the flowers, colors and combination as per your choice. Bold flowers stand out and give a completely new direction to your simplicity. It’s a subjective decision, and nothing is right or wrong. It’s just what makes you feel lively and comfortable which makes the beauty reveal on your face.

If you are ready to share your wallet better, highlight the floral designs. This will enhance the look of the blouse. The base color of the blouse can be same or different from that of the saree. There is no one way to your choice. So take it easy and wear your blouse multiple times with different sarees. You can choose a chiffon, georgette, cotton or even Silk sarees to go well with your floral blouse.

If it’s your close ones party or event, spend some more and get floral embroidery done on your blouse. These bright and bold flowers just cannot go wrong. It is definite that such blouses will create an indispensible attraction towards the saree as well.

Whichever floral design you chose, it can be made a piece of masterwork by experimenting on the styles. Chose a full sleeve, elbow sleeve of bell sleeves, but ensure that the beauty of the flowers are completely revealed. So if the print is big go for a longer sleeve to let the flowers portray their beauty and composure in full.

These floral blouses are a perfect fit for your old and new sarees this season. So do not hesitate and pick up your favorite print. It is definite that you will feel happy and vivacious whenever you wear them. So glow up with different colors and be confident, you are beautiful “INSIDE-OUT”!!

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