Mind blowing Kasulaperu haram and Bottu haram by Omprakash Jewels!

Even though we got lot of designs in the present market the old traditional is still going ruling this world. Among all the designs kasulaperu and kasu bottu long chain’s are currently going in high trend. If you observe the present brides most of their preference is Kasulaperu long chain .  For this Akshaya trituya if you are looking for some decent and hand crafted unique collections you may need view the designs of  ” Om Prakash jewellers”

22 carat gold lakshmi  kasula  peacock haram studded with polki diamonds , emeralds with a finishing work with pearls.

22 Carat gold hand crafted lakshmi kasula haram studded with precious precious rubies and potu rubbies with fine finishing work.

22 carat gold lakshmi and bottu haram studded with precious gems and stones with a finishing work with pearls

If you are looking for gold kasula haram with no stones then below one is the perfect example to go with. 22 carat gold lakshmi kasula haram with neat finishing work.

Below kasula haram is perfect bridal haram. 22 carat gold mango and lakshmi kasula haram studded with polki diamond and emerald haram with  neat and fine finishing work.

22 carad gold lakshmi kasulaharm with a floral work in between the kasu which is adored with emeralds, polki diamonds , rubies and pearls.  This one haram is enough to rock on the traditional saree.

Emerald and rubies are perfect combination . Look at the below traditional peacock long chain studded with rubies, emeralds , pearls and polki diamonds. Loved the fine and neat finishing craft from om prakash jewels.

Ram parivar necklace is trending high and high. Below one is one of the perfect handmade ramdarbaar kasula haram studded with emeralds and polki diamonds.

Look at the broad lakshmi and peacock ram parivar 22 carat gold kasula haram which is neatly crafted.

22 carat gold lakshmi kasula haram studded with pottu rubies . A simple but royal.

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