Latest blouse designs for silk sarees

A six yards saree is the most important and essential outfit of  every women’s wardrobe.  A blouse with a proper fitting will add a glam on the saree. It is the blouse which plays a key role on the saree.  Simple saree will get a statement look with an outstanding blouse  combination.  For the trending pattu sarees these days if we observe the stylish blouse are making the traditional outfit into modern stylish look. Here are some beautiful ways you can team up the blouses on your pattu sarees.

1. Jacket style blouse 

Jacket style blouses are currently rocking on pattu sarees and looks highly sophisticated . Add some embroidery work or some embellishments on the collar to get a classic touch on the blouse. This indo western blouse gives a great look on the silk saree and with no doubt you can wear for office wear and for party wear as well.  One will look unique in this style. Look at the below classic blouses how to glam on your pattu sarees.

2. Bell sleeves blouse

Your assumption will be wrong if you feel that bell sleeve only matches to the designer saree. These bell sleeves literally do magic on the pattu sarees as well. These blouses will make you stand on the crowd and makes head turn.

3. Overlap blouse

These overlap blouses look super stylish and trendy.  If you are looking to explore the blouses with different patterns  then you  may need to add the below pattern in your wardrobe. This looks unique and this overlap pattern gives a great touch up on your blouse . Add a heavy embellishment on the overlap pattern to your blouse to pay attention on your blouse.  One may need to try this blouse design in 2019.

4. Blouse with belt

Want to avoid the waist belt or shy to wear a waist belt then the best and trending option that is rocking this present fashion world is adding a belt to blouse and this will enhance the waistline. This style is really adding a glam on the sarees and will give a comfort and grip on the blouse. Look at the below models how they rocked on silk sarees with belt.

5. Shrug Style Blouse

Apart from the other fashion blouses on the silk sarees the unique pattern that is rocking in this trendy world is Shrug style blouse . This western twist will add a charm on your blouse.  This shrug style blouse will give comfort and looks style on the pattu saree.

6. Layered Frill Sleeves Saree Blouses

Layered frill sleeves looks so cool on blouses.  This option was initially fashion on the western outfit. But now this layered frill sleeves will give a contemporary  to your traditional pattu saree and adding a embroidery or embellished belt will give a superb look to the traditional pattu saree.

7. Balloon sleeves blouse

Balloon sleeve blouse will absolutely looks stunning and look wow and bold on pattu sarees and  one may need to have a confidence to carry it. Ensure you choose a right fabric when you are going with balloon sleeves.


8. High neck long sleeves blouse 

High neck and long sleeve combination is one of the deadly combination that gives a good look to the blouses. This looks super stylish and you can skip the neck piece.

9. Ruffle sleeves blouse

Ruffle pattern blouses are going in high trend and this pattern blouses looks stunning . A complete traditional look will change with a simple ruffle pattern on the blouse. Add these little pleats on the blouses to get a statement look on the blouse.

10. Frill Collar Saree Blouse 

Frill collar neck blouse is one of the unique combination on the pattu sarees . This pattern will not let you down if you make it with the proper fabric.  One who want to avoid the neck piece you can play safely with this blouse.

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