2020 Latest maggam work blouse designs catalog!

For a saree it is the blouse which plays a key role . A blouse with a proper fitting will work on saree but if you want to add some oomph factor then you may need to enhance your saree blouse with some maggam work on the blouse.  A traditional saree is incomplete without maggam work blouse. A simple work on the blouse will make your blouse outstanding. Depends on your saree design you may need to design your blouse and in this present fashion world their are lot many designs that have come up with a different work . Here we present some beautiful and mind blowing 2020 catalog design that are going to trend in 2020.

Fringe blouse designs

Fringe blouse designs are rocked in 2019 and this will be surely going to do rock in 2020 as well. It’s a myth that that fringe blouse only suits on designer sarees.   Beautiful viranica manchu teamed fringe blouse for the silver kanjeevaram saree . These fringe blouse looks absolutely stunning.


3D Floral  pattern sequin all over floral embroider work

Boat neck with floral 3 D work with contrast gold sequin work and all over work on the blouse is one of the deadly combination and these blouses works well on the pattu as well as on the plain sarees as well.  When you are going with 3D sequin work blouse just ensure going with the elbow length sleeve so that the works highlight on the blouse.


Kundan Vanki design blouse 

Few designs will allow you to skip the jewellery accessories.  Look at the below beautiful creative design blouse from “Sruthi kannath”. This blouse is beautifully designed like a Bajubandh – armlet.   Heavy kundan round maggam work design with elbow length sleeves. These blouses definitely do justice on your pattu sarees. If you have not tried this before you may need to add them in your wardrobe.

Three Quarter Sleeved Maggam Work Blouse

Three-quarter sleeve blouse maggam work blouses works perfectly on the pattu sarees.  With gold beads and simple embroidery work will add a oomph factor on the blouses. These blouses look absolutely stunning even though the work on the blouse is simple.


Chandbali kundan choker blouse 

The below blouse design is one of the unqiue kundan choker design on the sleeve of the blouse . Handpicked kundan stones stitched in zardosi and embellished with ivory pearls on pure silk blouse.  Green is one of the traditional colour and  beautiful ivory kundan made the blouse more outstanding.

Jhumkha work blouse

One more trending design on pattu saree are jewel design. jumkha design on the blouses are presently making the blouse statement. the jumkhas is beatifully designed on the blouse with gold embroidery thread and with matching blouse kundans and on the sleeves with mango shaded work and gold thread covered the entire sleeves.  Below design is perfect for pattu sarees.

This is one of the deadly combination . parrot green blouse blouse with antique beads jumkha design on all over blouse .

Cut Work  Maggam Design

Cut work blouse designs looks stunning and beautiful. Look at the below pink cut work blouse that has a detail gold beads work around the cut work on the blouse . This high neck blouse looks stunning on the traditional pattu sarees as well .

Musical instrument work blouse :-

Well we have seen jewel designs, animal motif designs on the blouses and the other trended blouse that is rocking on the patuu sarees is instrumental motif design on the blouse, . Tabala, flute and mrudangam motif designs are also trending these days. Look at the below green blouse that has beautiful instrumental design with beads work.

Lord krishna  Maggam Work Blouse 

Jai sri krishna!!! Well these lord blouses on back are trending high . Look at the below beautiful high neck embroidery work blouse on all over with a beautiful printed lord krishna and radha design in the center of the blouse.

One more design with beautiful embroidery work with a embroidery work of lord krishna and radha!!

Elephant work blouse :-

Animal motif blouses are trending high and if you are saree lover and looking for rich and beautiful design then go with the elbow length sleeves with elephant embroidery work with stone embellishments. These pattern blouses do justice on your pattu sarees. Look at the below beautiful pink and blue combination blouse with lotus embroidery work at the end of the sleeves and elephant work on top of the flower. This is one of the beautiful design.

Lovely elephant gold beads design with navy blue thread work on the leaves . Elbow length sleeves with animal motif work is one of the deadly combination.

All over Floral Zardosi work  

All over work on the blouse is ruling this present fashion world since years and this designs looks absolutely perfect on blouses. Look at the below beautiful royal blue blouse with gold floral design and leaves work on the blouse . All over work on the dark shades with gold thread looks perfect.

Deer Work blouse :-

As said animal motifi designs looks perfect and do good on the pattu saree blouses .  Look at the below beautiful blue blouse with deer embroidery work on the sleeves with contrast pink thread work around the beads and sequin made the blouse outstanding.

Bride and groom work blouse :- 

If you are bride to be and looking for some unique concept on the blouse  then the trended blouse in 2019 was bride and groom work blouse on the back neck and the same is going to continue in trend in 2020. Look at the below blouse designs that gives an idea how to team up the below bridal pattern blouses on pattu sarees.

Maggam work on shoulder and on half sleeve

These blouses look so adorable on pattu sarees and looks different and unique.  When the border is regal and rich leave the border plain and get the zardosi work on above the border and on the shoulder of the blouse. .

Maharani Neck blouse  

When your saree is see through or sheer net saree then the best option to go is maharani neck blouse. A high maharani neck blouse with beautiful gold zardosi and gold beads work on the neckline will make your blouse statement. These blouses looks literally outstanding on any sarees including pattu saree.

Heavy Maggam Blouse Work Design

One of the most trending design that is ruling on the traditional saree is heavily embellished maggam blouse design. If you are the bride to be and thinking what goes good then go blindly with the heavy work blouse. With beautiful floral zardosi work and checks all over made the pink blouse outstanding. If you have a deep glance on the blouse the detail intricate design was done with the antique beads and zardosi. We loved the creative blouse from the rani pink studio!

Heavy work sleeves :- 

For pattu sarees the best option to go is elbow length sleeve blouse . Preferable designs on the pattu blouses is heavy embroidery work on the sleeves. Heavy work on the sleeves will make your blouse outstanding . Deer design, elephant design , chandbali design and floral work design works well on the elbow length sleeve blouse. If you are bride to be or a wedding attendee for you pattu saree for the upcoming even try the heavy work sleeve which really works well on the pattu sarees. Simple design around the neckline and heavy work sleeves are the present trend.

 Bridal Doli Design Maggam Blouse 

Below design is perfect for wedding and if you are upcoming bride and looking for some unique and beautiful  blouse then below blouse looks good on the pattu sarees. These bridal maggam work blouses features with brides, groom , doli and barrat . Doli design will be on back of the blouse and groom and bride design on the sleeves of the blouse or some elephant or lakshmi motif design .  According to your saree colour you may add the colours on your blouse.  If you look at the below blouses perfectly blended with the saree  matching threads.

Kasu work blouse

Kasu embellished blouse is one of the trending blouse on pattu saree and these blouse looks literally outstanding on the pattu saree . Zardsoi work with kasu embellishment is one of the perfect combination.

Silver zari maggam work

If you are looking for some unique design just replace the golden thread maggam work with silver zari maggam work on the blouse. This silver zari maggam work really works well on the dark shades of the blouse. Look at the below beautiful blouse a deep plunging V neck blouse for a modern twist. You can even use this blouse for some plain saree as well.

Guttapusalu work blouse :- 

We all know that jewel design looks so adorable on the blouse and the other design that looks good on blouse is guttapusla design. Depends on the saree blouse colour you can choose the pearls on the blouse .

Thread work embroidery

Combination of thread work and zardosi works well on the blouse. Look at the below blue blouse with a floral thread work on the blouse. These thread work blouses looks adorable on the blouse and will never go wrong. They look stunning on the blouses . If  you have tried all the designs and looking for some thread work design then below will never fail to disappoint you.

Beads work on sleeves

Apart from the zardosi work , one of the trending design that is working on the blouse is beads work . They are exclusively designed with beads and these blouses looks good and they are safe on pattu sarees.

Cold Shoulder Maggam Work Blouse

Cold shoulder maggam work blouse is one of the blouse which is indo western look blouse. A  western pattern in implemented in blouse with a cut shoulder on the sleeve of the blouse.  These patterns  blouse for pattu saree is perfect for the stylish bridesmaids.   Look the below blouse with cut shoulders option on the sleeves and high neck blouse with radha and krishna painting work on the back of the blouse. 

Traditional Lotus Motifs 

Maggam work designs of lotus motifs  on pattu blouses are the new trend and these design is perfect for the elbow length sleeves  . We might have tried many designs but these elephant and lotus motif design are trending. Have a deep glance of the blouse body of the blouse is orange with a embroidery work and lotus and elephant design on the sleeves of the blouse. We loved the below design.

 Peacock Motif Pink Maggam Blouse

Peacock motif design is trending since than. These blouses literally look outstanding on the the blouses. Look at the below blouses which has detail intricate design with  kundans and gold beads work .


Parrot Motif on the Sleeves

Animal motif and bird motif designs are trend now.  Apart from peacock design the other design that is trended is parrort design. Look at the below pink blouse which has contrast blue thread work with parrot motif on the blouse . Depends on your saree colour you may need to opt the thread work on the blouse.  All over floral gold zardosi work with peacock motif imade the blouse outstanding.

Mirror work blouse

Mirror work blouse are trending since 80’s and these blouse designs are ever green and will really works well on the pattu sarees. Look at the below mirror work blouse which as gold beads work around the mirror embellishment.  These mirror work blouses you can even team up on  other sarees as well.


Contrast Colored Maggam Design

Look at the below beautiful blouse , an eye catching combination .  Zardosi work is skipped and  it has the work of white pearls and bright pink thread work on the contrast yellow blouse.  Below design is one of the super combination and blends well on the kanjeevaram saree.

For the pattu saree it is the maggam work blouse which gives a good look on the traditional pattu sarees. A simple maggam work around the neck and sleeve of the blouse will give a perfect look to your saree. Above designs are trended in 2019 as well.  Upcoming brides and wedding attendees above blouses will give you an idea how to rock for the pattu sarees.

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