Top 10 Kanjeevaram sarees that are trending now!

For a festive, wedding and family occasion women’s first preference is Kanjeevaram saree.  These kanjeevvaram sarees looks rich and royal.  The beauty of kanjeevaram pattu sarees is, it suits every one .Their are some new combinations that have come in the market and are presently trending in this fashion world.  Yellow, pink , green , orange and so on colours are common  but when this colours are mixed with some dark shades the out come is really beautiful . Here are some combinations that are trending now!

Green and Red  with gold butties :- 

Green and Red both are dark shades and this combination is one of the deadly combination.  All over gold butties on the green saree with gold and red combination border edged with red border is really eye catching. If you look at kajal aggarwal she has paired the blouse red blouse with border on the back of the blouse and skipped the embroidery on the blouse.

Gold and Pink combination :- 

This is an ever green combination.  Gold is shinny colour and pink is a eye catching combination. Gold and pink is one of the deadly combination.  If you are bride to be and not very particular  yellow or green saree , then one of the mind blowing combination that is trending in this fashion world is gold and pink.  Look at the beautiful actress niharika konidela who opted gold kanjeevaram saree and paired the cut  work sleeves embroidery work blouse .

 Red and blue :- 

Red and blue both are eye catching combination.  This deadly combination is every green and is trending since ages. Ramya pandian looked absolutely  stunning in the below saree.  Big blue border made the saree outstanding. If you are looking for the same saree you can get it from bollineni silks. 

Silver and blue :-

Looking for some unique combination ? Then silver and blue is one of the unique combination that is presently trending. If you look at the below saree , Silver kanjeevaram saree with blue border paired with blue embroidery work short sleeve blouse. Below saree is from Mugdha art studio.

Silver and Red :-

One more deadly combination with silver is silver and Red.  When the dark red shade is mixed with the silver zari the outcome is really awestruck. Look at the below actress Yamini bhaskar who really looked beautiful in this elegant saree. If you are wedding attendee if you dont have this combination in your wardrobe you may need to try this .

 Light blue  and Purple  :-

We have seen red , blue , green and pink combination but one of the unique combination is light blue and purple. These are the rare colours combination and are like hot cake.

Sky Blue and  Navy blue   :-

Sky blue and navy blue is one of the deadly combination. sky blue kanjeevaram saree with heavy navy blue  big border is one of the deadly combination . These two colours look so elegant and will work very well for any festive and wedding occasions. If you don’t have this combination you may need to add them in your wardrobe.

Emerald Green  and Pink :-

Green and pink is one of the deadly combination .This is one of the ever green combination that is ruling the traditional world since ages. Emerald green and pink both are eye catching colours and when this is mixed with gold colour in the border made the saree outstanding.

Yellow  and Blue :-

Yellow is the all time favorite in kanjeevaram fabric. Yellow and blue is one of the royal combination.  This sunshine yellow when it combines with blue the out come is literally mind blowing. Kajal agarwal looked royal and beautiful yellow, blue and silver mixed combination kanjeevaram saree.

Mint green  and purple :-

Mint green and purple is of the unique combination and you will get these collections very rarely. We might have wore the different colours but if you have not tried this you may need add in your next shopping list.

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