Easy tips to convert your simple saree to designer saree!

In our wardrobe definitely we will have a son simple saree where we want to convert them into a designer peace.  You  might have already tried in making your  saree into a designer way by adding kundans or border , some stone embellishments but want to explore more to make your saree into a modern designer saree then please do try the below tips to make a fancy designer saree.

Add a belt to your saree! 

Our celebrities are the classic example how you can rock the saree with the belt. Just adding a simple or a broad belt will change the entire look of the saree.  Even in markets we are readily getting an embroidery work belts where you can choose it according to your saree colour and design. Even these belts are slowly moved to silk sarees as well.   Let your belt be leather, mettalic or a studded belt with simple belt on the saree will turn into statement.

 Twist with the Jacket 

Simplest way to convert your simple saree into a designer saree is add a jacket to your saree. Add a contrast jacket to your saree to turn into a designer peace.  Let it be a short or long it will safely play a fashion game on your saree. Our fashion divas are the classic example how to rock with the jacket on sarees.  Take a classic example of the baby pink silk saree which is really dull but the contrast blue mirror embellished blouse turned to into a designer saree.

Add Heavy duppata :- 

You can make a simple saree into a designer peace by simply adding a heavy duppata to your saree. You may need not add a same colour duppata , you can either go with an embroidery work or a contrast duppata to you saree to convert it to you a statement and fancy designer saree and this method is as simple as double pallu.  Look at the below fashion divas who rocked with this simple option of adding a beautiful duppta to the sarees!

 Lehenga style  

Looking to make your saree into to designer saree and want to look unique , then please do try this lehenga style option. This is really very simple. Take a stunning long skirt and drape your saree like a half saree or a lehenga style. This really look classic and ethnic. Just add with a touch ups with some belt to your lehenga saree further enhancement.

Style with different pattern blouse!

The best way and easiest way to turn your simple saree into a designer peace is adding a unique pattern blouse to make it to statement.

Ruffle or bell sleeve blouse :-   One of the most trending and ruling the present fashion is ruffle sleeve blouse . You can either choose a short ruffle sleeve or long ruffle sleeve to pair up with your saree . These blouse literally look outstanding and looks and perfect match to convert into a designer mode.

Cape blouse :-  Cape blouse is one of the tricky style which is the easy way to make it to statement peace. Add a contrast or a same colour embroidery work or an embellished cape to your saree which really ads an oomph factor to your saree.

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