Royal and Rich Paithani silk sarees!

Paithani silk sarees are rich handloom sarees and these are more famous in Maharashtra. These hands woven sarees are made with pure silk threads and these are specially weaved from the place paithan from Aurangabad. These silk sarees are really regal and royal and the Maharashtrian’s give more importance to these sarees and in south India how the south brides give importance to kanjeevaram sarees in the same way the north Indian’s give more importance to Paithani silk sarees. These luxurious sarees are now equally competent with kanjeevaram sarees and if we observe current trend south Indian brides even, they are adding these paithani silk sarees in their wedding trousseau. 

It’s been understand from different sources that these paithani silk sarees borders are woven with the gold zari according to the design and now its been moved from gold to silver zari depending on the delicacy of the design of the sarees. If we have deep glance of the saree these silk sarees have a rich border with different motifs.

 If we generally observe these rich paithani silk sarees their detail intricate designs on pallus and borders have a beautiful floral, birds and leave motif designs are the key highlights in the sarees. These sarees generally have a big border with gold and will have detail intricate designs with saree matching or with contrast silk threads. One can easily identify the paithani silk sarees with these borders.  Trending brides these days they are adding these paithani silk sarees in their wedding trousseau. Depends on the rich silk these sarees prices vary. These sarees not just restricted for brides even the wedding attendees do prefer these sarees. As these sarees are costly the best suggested way is to buy these sarees directly from weavers so that you can get comparatively with discounted prices. If you are looking for some customized designs with thick golden border with beautiful motifs then we may need to visit cities like paithan Aurangabad where we can get it directly from weavers.

These paithani silk sarees are also one of the favourite choices of our Bollywood celebrities. There are lot of celebrities who opted these beautiful paithani silk sarees for different occasion. Celebrities like taapse pannu, Dia mirza ,sai taimur, kangana raut , shraddha Kapoor and many other celebrities rocked in this paithani silk sarees. As the silk that is used in these saree are soft and shiny these sarees look equally beautiful in light shades too. 2019 Lakme fashion week Gaurang shah collections of Paithani silk sarees are awesome and mind blowing. His collections made every one awestruck.

There are few brands that have huge and wide range of collections of these paithani silk sarees and due to the current situation now everyone choice is to go with the online shopping. Nalli silks, kanakatala, drapery silks , kapse and many other online websites where you can shop online.

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