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Samantha in Antique Jumkhas & necklace

Beautiful samantha in Heavy  Antique jumkhas studded with rubies with bunch of heavy pearl droplets teamed with antique necklace studded with rubies,emeralds and polki diamonds .She looked gorgeous in that traditional jumkhas and necklace.

Trending Ear Covered Ear rings!

In every women jewellery box a minimum of 3 to 5 pair of ear rings would be their! These day’s we have got “N” number of ear rings designs available in the market! Not only in gold even in one gram gold the jeweler makers making the designs as the requirement of the customer. Their … Continue reading Trending Ear Covered Ear rings!

5 Bridal Dazzling Ear rings!

The modern bride needs variety and loves the trending style of ear rings and will prefer to wear a matching & Dazzling ear rings on their big day & for other occasions and the brides want to experiment with different colors, sizes and shapes, hand-picking the styles from various stores.  Here are few  dazzling ear … Continue reading 5 Bridal Dazzling Ear rings!