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Black beads chain with polki locket!

A simple black bead chain go goes on the traditional  outfits. Be it a simple occasion or big . These black beads chains do justice on outfits. 22 carat gold black two layered chain with 18 carat polki diamond locket adorned with pearls by amarson jewellers. 

Five layered pearl haram with Victorian diamond pendant!

Pearl haram is the present trend, and this jewellery is one of the trending wedding trousseaus. Look at the below beautiful five layered pearl haram that has lakshmi pendant with peacock design either sides with mango design adorned with diamonds, emeralds and rubies by Mangatri Neeraj jewellers. 

Raveena Tandon in a ruby beads haram!

Beads jewellery is trending now and we see many precious beads that have come into the market but Ruby beads is one of the trending one and is our celebrities favourite choice. Raveena tondon in multi layered in a ruby beads haram this precious beads haram comes with diamond mini floral pendants across beads haram.