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Trending Pastel Colour Kanjeevaram sarees!

Kanjeevaram pattu sarees are most preferable pattu sarees. Specially for wedding , most of the brides will go for a kanjeevaram sarees as they look rich and royal.  This  kanjivaram sarees traditionally woven silk from the village called  kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.  For a wedding generally brides opt the dark shades like green, yellow, maroon and Red but the trend is slowly moved to the pastel shades where these shades are equally dominating the dark shades. Here are the classic pastel kanjeevaram sarees that are trending now!.

Pastel Green shades Kanjeevaram silk sarees ! 

Irrespective of the skin tone this  pastel green kanchipattu saree will do justice to every one.  As this kanjeevaram sarees will mix with the gold zari the combination of this pastel shade looks double rich when it blends with the light shades. These shades are really very rare shades and will go like a hot cake in the market.  When you are going with the pastel shades it is recommended to go with the contrast blouse so the saree gets highlighted well.

Lavender Shade :- 

This shade is one of the rarest shade when it comes to the silk saree.  Pastel lavender shade though its a light shade when it comes to pattu saree this saree is now present trending bridal saree.  Most of the lavender shades are mixing with the silver zari and the contrast blouse is the ultimate win to this saree.  Upcoming brides if you want to try some unique option then you can blindly go with this shade.  Sswarovski stone jewellery or diamond jewellery is the perfect combination to this lavender shade.

Pastel Yellow  Kanchipatuu  sarees

Though this pastel yellow is a kind of gold shaded saree this colour looks absolutely stunning.  These rich kanjeevaram sarees mix with gold zari the look really royal and elegant. The best option is to matching with the same colour blouse with some gold or antique beads work and stones . Both gold and diamond jewellery do good on this sarees. If yellow is must for your bridal saree then you can opt this pastel yellow shade for your big day!

Pastel Pink shade kanjeevaram sarees

Who don’t love pink? Pink is the all time favorite to every women when it comes to the pattu sarees and definitely one shade of pink will be part of women’s wardrobe.   Pastel pink , powder pink and baby pink are the rare shades in the Kanjeevaram sarees .  This pastel pink sarees are perfect for every skin tone .  For wedding attendee and for brides this sarees do justice . You can team up the contrast or the same shade blouse to these sarees.

Pastel Blue and Aquamarines  kanjeevaram saree! 

If you are bride to be and want to look unique then you can opt this pastel blue kanjeevaram saree. Trust us this saree looks so royal and rich. Not specifically you need to go with the contrast blouse even the matching blouse go good on this saree.  Pair up the right jewellery to your saree for this saree to look outstanding!

Pastel Peach Silk Sarees

Pastel peach kanjeevaram sarees complements more to the fair skin stone. This  pastel peach sarees looks royal for wedding . Pastel peach kanjeevaram saree  have gained the popularity now.  Both silver and gold borders works well on this sarees.

Silver Kanchipattu sarees! 

Silver kanjeevaram sarees looks so regal and rich.   The beauty of silver kanjeevaram sarees are they really blend well in both silver and gold border.  You can go with complete silver saree or silver saree with contrast border . Silver zari with a mix of grey combination goes good. Mugdha art studio have a very good collections of Silver zari sarees.

Above from the above pastel kanjeevaram sarees, their are even more shades like ivory, beige , plum , misty and more more pastel colours that are ruling the present fashion trend . Above said shades are currently going high when compare to other shades.

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