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Manchu Ariana and Viviana 5th birthday celebration photos

Manchu vishu twin daughters Ariana and viviana turned 5 years on 1st december 2016. A princess themed party for the two little princesses. Ariana and Viviana turn 5, with special visits from fairytale land. Here is wishing these two amazing kids loads of love and happiness in all the years to come.

Two little kids Ariana and viviana was in beautiful long frocks with a good work of floral designed and wearing a crown and both the two little kids looks like a princess . On behalf of fashionworldhub and team we wish Arriana and viviana a very happy birthday! Viranica Reddy & manchu vishnu looking great in the western attire!

Dilraju is now Grand father! Hanishitha reddy blessed with a baby boy!

Dilraju is now Grand father! Hanishitha reddy blessed with a baby boy!  In the recent article you have seen the baby shower ( Sreemantham ) photos of producer Dilraju daughter. Recently its been shared on the social network site that hanishitha reddy is blessed with baby boy. Here is one of the photo that is been shared on social network sites.

dilraju daughter son photos


Shocking news on Yuvraj singh & Hazel keech’s wedding! So Sad!

Well we all know that Yuvraj is going to get marry to Hazel keech on 30th november 2016. Whole world knows that Yuvraj’s parents, Shabnam and Yograj got separated when Yuvraj was quite young & yuv’s father got married to another women and has children’s too!

The Sad news is that his father will not be attending his son’s wedding @ gurudwara on 30th nov in punjab Here is what Yuvi’s father Yograj said about his absence from his son’s wedding:


“It is my misfortune that I will not be attending the traditional wedding of my son … I had told Yuvraj’s mother that I will not attend the wedding if it is solemnised at any guru or dera sect or involves any religious guru. It is destiny, I will not go. I only believe in God and not religious gurus.”

“I won’t even go to the house of my father uninvited. But I will attend the mehendi function at Hotel Lalit on November 29. I was invited with respect by my son and my name is printed on the invites. I will go there as my son wants me to be there.”