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Uncut diamond Emerald beads choker

We got numerous choker designs in the market but when the choker is added with beads of pearls and emeralds we see the look is outstanding. Well mangatri neraj team have some huge number of designs where they are upto the present trend. Look at the below beautiful peacock diamond choker that is adorned with … Continue reading Uncut diamond Emerald beads choker

Surekha konidela in Diamond ruby necklace

Diamond jewellery has a special place in women’s wardrobe and this jewellery should be part of wedding trousseau. Well we got numerous designs in market but the trend on diamond jewellery never went out of fashion. Surekha konidela was seen in beautiful and broad diamond necklace that is adorned with ruby stone in center paired … Continue reading Surekha konidela in Diamond ruby necklace

Uncut diamond Nakshi Peacock necklace!

Lakshmi peacock haram are always impressive and Mangatrai Neeraj jewellers have some unique designs, and their specialization is intricate craftsmanship. Look at the below 22 carat uncut diamonds necklace with a neat intricate nakshi peacock on the sides with lakshmi pendant in centre adorned with pearls and precious emerald beads.

Hanshitha Reddy in Diamond Ruby necklace set!

While diamonds always have a special place, and we see most of the celebrities choice is Diamond jewellery. The designs in diamonds are numerous but the heavy chokers always have a first place when it comes to wedding and special occasions. We see it’s a trend that matching the outfit with jewellery. Hanishitha reddy in … Continue reading Hanshitha Reddy in Diamond Ruby necklace set!