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Pelli Poola Jada, Floral Jewellery- Pelli poolajada

Sravanamasam wedding season in South-India, Teej season in North India, Fashion world Hub- presents the latest trend in Indian weddings. Indian Weddings are unique and most of wedding venues are decorated with flowers. Marigolds, Jasmine, Orchids are seen everywhere in wedding venues. But these days the usage of flowers in not limited just for décor. 

With the latest trend on the floral jewellery , flowers are now used to enhance the beauty of the brides as well. Floral jewellery, the traditional jewellery of Pakistan is downloaded by Indian event managers and modified to suit Indian brides. When Aishwarya Rai sported floral jewellery for her wedding, she gave celebrity status to floral jewellery too. Vidya balan, Esha deol, Dia Mirza and many others followed the trend. With Tamannah wearing floral jewellery in Bhaubali movie, nature flower-power is given a universal nod! I know what is rolling in your mind…. YES. Now this article will help you where you can get these type of jewellery… You will get those beautiful floral jewellery, Pelli poola jada artificial (or) natural flowers these team is going to do amazing designs with your matching saree…  Have a glance of their designs… 

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Floral jewellery is something that makes all women feel special and unique. Mehndi, Godbharai and Pellikooturu/Naulugu function, karva chaut, teej are the most common occasions where floral jewellery has become the latest trend! But just not limited to these occasions, even for langa-voni functions, floral-jewellery is tried. This simple floral jewellery being so unique is adopted for all occasions and events in India now.  After the sangeeta and haldi function cermoney the next important event will be Marriage. Upcoming brides expectations are quite high they are not only looking for designer sarees and blouses but also want the matching Poola jada on their big day. We came up with beautiful bride photos in different hair styles for their matching sarees! Ah!! what a creative designs from Pelli Poola jada team… Kudos for their creative ideas… 

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Gold-Jewellery messing up with mehendi, is one important reason why brides go for floral jewellery which can be used for a day and discarded. Being a unique concept in middle class and upper middle familes, this floral jewellery is becoming the “talk of the wedding” The Best part of floral jewellery designers is that just tell your budget they will make an extra ordinary Flower Jewellery with-in your budget!
Floral jewellery in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is made by : Pellipoolajada (link to, North India –Anoo flower jewellery (link to, USA –Jewel blooms (link to

Pelli Poola Jada designs from Kalpana Rajesh


PelliPoola Jada designs ;- 

Marriage is one of the most special and delightful occasions in every woman’s life. So, on this day it is only natural if she wants to look special and different from all the others present on her wedding day. Apart from wedding outfits, Bridal hairstyle and make-up play an important role in giving the bride the perfect look. Flowers are an integral part of Indian weddings and a bridal hairstyle would be incomplete without floral adornments (Poola jada). Flowers add a soft touch and enhance the grace of the bride. These days, brides love combining fresh flowers with lovely hair accessories

Hope i need give much introduction of Pelli Poola jada Website i hope the upcoming young stars already aware of this website . Beautiful  Philosophy for Pellipoolajada is the economic empowerment of women. Most of our revenue go back to the workers, who are lower middle class women who are making a living out of making flower accessories.

Following are their products Fresh flower Poolajada, Fresh flower jewellery, Artificial flower jada, Wedding garlands, Addutera, Kobbaribondam, Earthen pots, Wedding umbrella, Ungarala bindi, Pelli butta, Karpuram/Elaichi garlands ungarala bindi, karpuram garlands and all bride essentials

Lets see the couple of designs from Pelli Poola jada team. 

Poola jada Designs :- Can any one guess the designs in pula jada… ??? I hope every one has guessed a wrong number. What i understand from kalpana was their are 150+ poola jada designs and out of which Top popular designs are Netted jada, Bangle jada, single piece jada. Antique bills jada 

South indian brides in pelli poola jada.

Here are couple of designs of Jada billa pula jada designs :-

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the below designs you can reach to -91-7306485303 . Branches available Branches: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Guntur, Vijayawada, Pondicherry, Trivandrum, USA and Singapore.Email: or call us on 91-7306485303. Can reach


Artificial flower jada.


for the below designs you can reach to -91-7306485303 . Branches available Branches: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Guntur, Vijayawada, Pondicherry, Trivandrum, USA and Singapore.Email: or call us on 91-7306485303. Can reach